Ah, the age old question that comes around after an engagement – “Who are your bridesmaids?” Friends, family, and even strangers in a bar may be asking this question before you even have the answer yourself. After all, there are so many things to consider – whether your groom will have enough groomsmen to match the lineup of girls or conversely, which girls get to make the cut if you’re having a small wedding party. You may have made pacts with friends or cousins early on in your childhood, as you’re playing with Barbies, that you will be each other’s bridesmaids when the time comes.  But maybe the relationship has drifted over time, or some of the girls have moved to a different continent making it hard to participate in wedding planning.  Whichever it may be, if you are still contemplating, here are some things to think about as you narrow down the list and start choosing your bridesmaids – and popping the question!

Duration of Friendship

While it’s not necessarily true that longer time spent together means more memorable experiences, if all other things remained equal, a deciding factor when it comes to choosing your bridesmaids may be how long you have known each other. After all, she put up with you the longest.

Skills, Knowledge, and Experience

Emotions aside, you will likely need to assign tasks to the bridesmaids in preparation for your big day.  And like considering a candidate in a job interview, you should think about which tasks your bridesmaids will handle, and who has the best set of skills for the job.  If the girls being considered have already been bridesmaids before, their knowledge and experience may help you too.  After all, you need your bridesmaids to do more than just look pretty.

Financial Affordability

Let’s clarify right off the bat that a girl doesn’t need to be rich to be a bridesmaid.  However, traditionally there are activities and purchases tied to the responsibility of being a bridesmaid:  throwing a bachelorette party, organizing wedding showers, and sometimes paying for her own bridesmaid dress.  While the cost of these list items shouldn’t be an issue for most, considering whether this will be a financial burden on your potential bridesmaids is something that sensitive brides can do.

The VIPs

Those debating about the inclusion of sisters and other family members in the bridesmaid line up should remember that these family members are already special guests due to the fact that they’re your close family.  There’s nothing wrong with including them as bridesmaids, but if the only reason to do so is to give them a special title…well, they already have one.

How you “click”

There’s no doubt everyone you’re considering as a bridesmaid is someone you get along with.  But there’s something to be said about girls who just “get you.”  You know each other so well, you finish each other’s sentences.  She can anticipate your needs before you open your mouth.  This inane ability to work together will make wedding planning so much smoother.

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