by Brittany McComas

Everyone appreciates when they don’t have to pony up hundreds to be in a wedding, and most brides on a budget totally know it would be unfair to expect their bridesmaids on a budget to spend a fortune knowing she didn’t! From dresses to shoes and something that isn’t so blue, there are loads of ways to super save when it comes to helping your bridesmaids help you celebrate your special day!

Get Your Dress On A Dime

The perfect dress is just a click away! For online steals think outside the box and search stores like Shabby Apple and ModCloth. Also, a great place to look is Groupon for coupon code or sales. Most people forget that this site advertises seasonal sales and deals in one easy location. Just type in formal dress and see what comes up! If you’re looking for dresses on the Plus Side my favorite store for all things bridesmaid is SWAK, and is featured here in my fashion column Tales From A Jet Set Queen!

Shoes On The DL

I will never forget a wedding I was in just out of high school where my friend no joke wanted us to buy shoes and get them dyed to match our royal blue gowns. A hundred damn dollars is a lot today, and well, a few years ago (*wink wink) it was awful for a seventeen-year-old with a minimum wage job. For all things shoes, you want your girls to be comfy, cozy and glitzed out in your favorite colors.

Don’t be afraid to go with different colors and styles like the ones above. For that, you can shop Payless, ASOSPrimark, anywhere that has a surplus of amazing shoes on the cheap!

When it comes to matching shoes…

A great way to find these is to go to stores that normally carry a decent amount of stock in several sizes. For instance, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross all normally have a sweet amount of the same style shoe for a fraction of the original price! DSW is another place I find super-sweet heels like Rocket Dogs for way less than the original price, and you can browse online and in store!

Accessorize Dirt Cheap

Costume jewelry has its advantages when you want to sparkle beside your bestie! The bad thing is, if she wants you guys to be matchy-matchy, it’s hard to find a store that has enough of the same style for all the girls to look uniform. My ‘go to’ shop til’ you drop shop for accessories is Forever 21. You can probably even find a version of those super pricey Marc Jacobs Earrings there, as well as the Melba Pumps! Here’s a link to free shipping on all orders over $50 at Forever 21.

Not only do they have super sales, you can find super discounts via shopping apps that offer coupon codes and vouchers for savings at checkout.

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