You’ve chosen your crew, the besties you trust to help you with your big day – and look good on it! Many girls look forward to being bridesmaids, and picking out the dress is an exciting journey that seems like an initiative ritual to really feel like a part of the wedding. But budget constraints can limit choices of the dresses, or even worse, mean that the horrendous orange puff of a dress might be chosen because it’s the only one in price range.  How do you know when to shop for bridesmaid dresses? Knowing when to shop can mean finding the perfect dress at great discounts!

Best Time To Shop For Bridesmaid Dresses: January

As stores clear out their holiday wear, this includes many glamorous gowns meant for Christmas or New Year use. As long as there aren’t any blatant holiday prints on the dresses, a lovely off the shoulder champagne gown, or deep purple A-line can become quite the bargain.  Check out department stores and women’s clothing retailers before going to specialty dress shops.  The difference is that specialty dress shops rarely discount stock that they can sell year-round, whereas department stores and women’s clothing stores are more likely to want to discount what they see as seasonal dresses, to make room for new stock.

Second Best Time To Shop For Bridesmaid Dresses: August

Similar to the holiday clear out, fashion merchandisers usually start to switch over to the new fall line by mid-August.  This means the store’s spring and summer dresses are discounted to make room for the new clothing. Shopping in August gives many choices of dresses that were meant for weddings or prom, as retailers will be clearing out stock from the spring through the summer.  This is the best time to find deals on baby pink taffeta creations, flowing ivory dresses, evening dresses from the previous season, or body-hugging black numbers.

If these times are outside your wedding schedule, for year-round discount, check local outlet stores of dress boutiques.  The likelihood of finding the same dress design for 12 bridesmaids is slim, but it may be very possible to outfit two or three girls in the same gown. A big plus at these luxury dress outlets is that the dresses are usually at a higher quality and accessories are also presented at outlet prices too.

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