You said “yes”, so what kind of wedding couple are you? When it comes to deciding what kind of wedding you want to have, there are some important things to make sure you and your fiance agree on. Check out our sweet guide below on how to decide if you’re going with a formal or informal wedding.

Size Matters

When deciding what kind of wedding you are planning, size can be the biggest deciding factor on whether to go formal or informal. Most formal weddings contain very fancy seated, four-course dinners served by a chef or catering company. If this isn’t in your budget or something you really want, then you could be an informal couple (with all the cousins twice removed partying down on your DIY Craft Beer Bar & Mini Appetizer Spread).

What’s Your Budget

Sit down together and sort out what you expect out of your wedding. If doves being released is a dream of yours, tell your partner (but maybe think of something that creates the same effect without costing an absolute fortune). That way you both know what to expect, and the other person to expect. Keep no secrets in wedding planning. Then get real. Is it realistic that you’re going to walk down the aisle in Vera Wang? Then you’re probably a formal couple. If you can be thrifty and don’t have to have a specific name on your dress, then you might be informal.

Sacrificing Cost Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Taste

You might decide that you’re the type of couple to have an intimate, informal affair with your besties. You also might decide that formal to you means an open bar where you’ve done DIY Canapes for a Super-Posh Reception! If you want every one of your guests dressed to the nines, tell them. No matter what, don’t be afraid to throw the rules out the window and throw the kind of wedding you want to throw–it’s your big day!

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