Going over budget when it comes to planning a wedding day is something that’s very likely to happen. Of course you’ve planned out every last detail of your big day, but there’s always something we can miss or overestimate, and that can have some pretty serious consequences on you and your post marital bliss!

But falling into a spot of debt doesn’t have to be the worst outcome you could have imagined. And because of that, there’s some things you can do to help you pay for any over budgeting, either before or after you’ve realised it’s happened. If you’re finding yourself needing to face up to such a situation, here’s the post for you.

Ask Your Parents

It’s often the tradition that the bride’s father pays for the wedding, but if you’re not into that side of ‘something old, something new,’ you and your partner are probably paying for it yourselves.

So if you need any aid, be sure to turn to your parents for any advice or pennies they can spare. Seeing as you’re their child and they’re willing to see you the happiest you’ve ever been, there’s a good chance they’re going to agree.

Push the Date Back

If the wedding is costing you a lot of money, more than you budgeted for and there’s nowhere to trim off the fat in the name of your big day, it’d be a good idea to set the date back a month or two. This gives both you and your partner a chance to bring in a lot more income you can dispose of on this event, and thus makes paying a lot more manageable.

Of course this means you’re going to have to postpone, and that can be very disappointing, but if it’ll save you the money you need, it’s worth it.

Use a Credit Card

It might seem like a bad idea to take out a credit card at a time like this, but when you have one that offers up rewards and the lack of a fee to even hold, it can be the solution to a lot of problems. You see, wedding costs usually have to be covered immediately, and a credit card can do that for you. Of course you’re going to have to pay back later, but you can easily save up for that once the big obstacles are out of the way. It’s all about removing stress from your honeymoon period, after all!

If you’re interested in such a card, feel free to check out a review on discover vs chase, which are two of the best cards of these kinds. It’s a good idea to shop around for a card in this category before you settle on one, as they all offer their own rewards. Some might have cashback, which is another income source you can sock away!

Over budgeting isn’t a complete disaster, but it might be an idea to go back over your plan and rearrange if you’re worried.

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  1. AB

    Weddings can be very stressful. From getting your parents blessing to setting up the budget, it can really take a toll on a couple. It could be a good idea for a couple to put the wedding on a credit card so that they can begin to build credit if they have not done so already.


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