No matter what season you choose for your wedding, if it’s an outdoor ceremony, there’s always going to be weather concerns. Knowing how to weather-proof any situation can give you peace of mind as well as assure your guests that they are well-taken care of when they arrive at the event. Then all you have left to worry about is weather-proofing your makeup!

Many people pray for a sunny day on their wedding, especially if the ceremony is held outdoors.  However, too much sun can mean squinty-eyed photos, clingy dresses, and sweat-stained dress shirts.  Be sure to speak with the photographer before the ceremony starts to determine whether certain angles are better for the pictures, and where the tripod should be set up.  Keeping guests comfortable under the hot sun is another concern, as long ceremonies can mean guests getting up early to seek shade!  Keep everyone cool with ceremony programs that double as hand-held fans, or leave a lace fan on each chair as a wedding keepsake. Parasols are also a great decorative touch to line the aisle, but are functional when kids or seniors need some shade during the ceremony.  Instead of bubbles in a bottle, consider giving out small spray bottles (think travel sized) filled with water, so guests can use them as misters throughout the day.

Rain can come and go at any time, even during the most beautiful summer days. If moving the ceremony indoors isn’t an option, or preferred, then being prepared is the next best way to go! Consider purchasing low cost, clear umbrellas (can even be kid-sized) from the dollar store. Leave an umbrella under each seat, or hang them on the corners of each chair. Choosing clear over a white or colorful umbrella will help guests see the ceremony with a less obstructed view.   Or, clear poncho packages can be left on each chair in case of rain as well. Ponchos are great as they do not obstruct any view, are cost effective, and can act as wedding favors too.

If the ceremony is going to be held sea-side, there is a good chance of wind hitting the wedding. Be sure any signs or banners aren’t going to fly away or create a disturbance by weighing down any vertical signs with large rocks or sandbags. Add some ribbon and some personalization to the sandbags, or flowers to the rocks, and these can be a part of the décor too! Horizontal banners should be attached on all four sides to prevent it from flipping upwards. If the bottom is unable to be attached because it’s hanging from an arch, attach the four corners and then consider weighing down the bottom by attaching heavy ornaments.

Believe it or not, outdoor winter ceremonies are gaining popularity. The slow drifting of snowflakes from the sky, glistening white snow banks in the distance amidst a beautiful bright day can make for gorgeous photos. Of course, the drawbacks for such a ceremony are apparent: it’s cold and wet! If it is snowing heavily, consider using the same clear umbrellas as mentioned above with rainy weather. Ensure guests stay warm with outdoor patio heaters, which can be rented from event rental companies or restaurants. Outdoor fire pits that have covers can also be used to create a bit of beauty and drama in the décor. Hand warmers can be left on the seats as favors, or leave small blankets on the backs of each alternating chair for guests to snuggle up with. Serving hot cocoa or tea before guests take their seats can also be a nice touch to keep them warm throughout the ceremony.

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