No doubt about it – stress and cold weather will both take a toll on our mood and our appearance. After months of warming up with comfort food and hiding under layers of clothing, we emerge in serious need of some skin care! If your wedding is in the spring or early summer, now is the time to start freshening up for your Big Day. The glow from last summer’s tan has long since faded, your skin has become dry, maybe even sometimes flaky, and by now we have probably let some of our healthier habits slip with the winter blues. Planning a wedding is stressful, and stress makes you feel and look older. Start working toward wedding day beauty with these wedding beauty treatments as early before your wedding as you can!

Spring, the season of renewal, is the perfect time to give your body and skin some much needed love – it’s time to switch up your skincare regimen. Before you think about slathering on some sunscreen and getting out in the sun, think about your wedding day beauty goals. What do you want to achieve for that day? Here are some steps you should take to ensure the skin you’re in is prepared and looking amazing.

Bring out the fresh

The first step to Wedding-ready skin is to exfoliate and get rid of aging, flaking skin cells. By shedding the outer layer of dead skin, not only will the texture of your delicate facial skin improve but it will also look brighter, younger and more refreshed. There are some great at-home treatments you can use saved on our Pinterest page. Either way you look at it, losing the old, dull skin cells makes room for the new, healthy cells to shine through.

Drink water, water, water

Some days it’s hard to remember to drink enough water during the day, and especially during the winter months when a big mug of hot chocolate seems so inviting! However, insufficient hydration is one of the main culprits for causing dull, lifeless skin. The best time to start drinking enough water is right now! Make drinking water at regular intervals throughout the day a habit – set an alarm on your phone to drink at least 8 ounces every hour – and soon you will notice an improvement in skin clarity and texture. Consider adding hydrogen rich water to your daily water intake with a hydrogen water stick.

Change up your routine

The changing of seasons along with warmer weather means that those heavy-duty, deeply-moisturizing treatments and lotions aren’t necessary. You should definitely maintain your cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine, since it is vital to your skin health year round, but you can switch to more lightweight products. You will still get the protection you need but won’t have oily skin and pore-clogging effects. And you know this of course, but don’t forget the sunscreen! Try to wear a moisturizer or moisturizing foundation that has an SPF of at least 25. This will help protect your skin from sun damage, and work to prevent premature aging of your skin, while reducing the risk of skin cancer.

Make time for the small stuff

Being able to identify and treat some of the problem areas early on will make a huge difference to the overall appearance of your skin when your wedding day comes. Take care of dry, chapped lips with a gentle exfoliation treatment, and winter-moisturizer clogged pores can be cleansed and treated with specific pore-refining products. Areas of the skin that will be ‘on show’ for your wedding, such as neck, shoulders, back and decolletage require some extra attention too. Choose products with skin firming ingredients to help tone and moisturize these body parts to help reduce the look of sagging and fine lines.

Your big day is a time to let your wedding day beauty shine and with your beautiful, fresh skin you’ll be ready to make the most of it!

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