Your wedding day can be extremely stressful. It shouldn’t be because it’s meant to be the happiest day of your life. But you’re also coordinating an event and you have guests to keep happy. It’s difficult to avoid stress altogether – after all, you are getting married. But you can try to make the day more calm and relaxed. There’s no need to rush to and fro attempting to organise things when you could be having lots of fun. If you want to calm your nerves and minimise the stress, try using these techniques. header image via Jessica Branstetter

Lazy Morning

A lot of brides put themselves on a tight schedule for the day, so they always have somewhere to be or something to do. Try not to do this too much, or at least give yourself plenty of time to do it all. You don’t want to feel too rushed in the morning, so make sure you won’t be pushed for time. Even if you have to get up earlier, it’s better to have some time to laze about and calm your nerves. Get ready in the morning with your bridesmaids and any other friends and family you want to invite. You can all have breakfast (ordered in or shop-bought, of course) and have a slow start to the day.

Use a Documentary Photographer

Traditional wedding photography involves a lot of posing and moving people around. This style can be pretty stressful, especially if you want to get to the reception ASAP. Plus, standing around outside the venue probably isn’t a lot of fun for your guests. If you want a more relaxed way of getting some beautiful photos, try using a documentary photographer. You can see some examples of this style at The photographer uses a natural approach to take candid shots of everyone throughout the day. You could get some stunning and natural photos from the morning to the evening, and you can forget that the photographer is even there.

Use a Wedding Coordinator

Who says the happy couple have to be the ones in charge of the day? Hiring someone to coordinate the wedding will take a weight off your shoulders. You can get on with having fun and entertaining your guests, will they take care of all the organising. They can make sure everything happens when it’s supposed to and everyone is where they need to be at the right time.

Take Some Time Out

Sometimes you just need a break at any point during the day. It might be before you walk into the venue or in the middle of the reception. It’s ok if you want to take a few minutes for a breather, especially if you find it hard to be around large groups for long. Go and sit on your own for a minute or just spend some time being silly and taking selfies with your bridesmaids.

You can’t escape stress on your wedding day, but you can at least make sure it’s minimal. Part of it is down to your attitude, so go into it with a relaxed view.

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