Planning your dream wedding is not all rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes it is a lot of work and can be a very stressful and emotional time for a bride. The planning process does not always go right and sometimes a bride to be just needs to vent and let go of all her frustration. Here are some common topics most engaged women vent about.

02E34481Unreliable Friends

It is important to have your true friends around when planning your wedding because it is a lot of work and you are going to need a ton of support. Keep in mind some of your unmarried girlfriends might not understand how important going dress shopping or planning your wedding is to you so be sure to surround yourself with reliable friends. The last thing a bride to be should have to deal with is flaky friends – and there are some nightmare frenemies out there, apparently!

Unresponsive Fiancé

No bride to be wants to have to do everything on her own sometimes when a bride asks her fiancé a question or his opinion on wedding topics such as flowers, table settings or wedding decor it would be great if she got an actually response because no woman wants to hear, “Whatever you want, it’s your wedding” all the time.

Unwanted Guest

There is nothing more annoying than having a ton of people inviting themselves to your wedding. Often you may be forced to invite people to your wedding because they are related to you or your fiancé even though you may not be too fond of them. Sometimes the bride-to-be has to take one for the team. But if the person you’re being finagled into inviting is actually offensive, or you’re sure they’ll attempt to ruin the day – you have the power of veto!

rolledbackUnexpected Changes

Planning a wedding can be expensive, which is why bride and grooms create a guest list to ensure that there are enough seats and food for everyone. It can be a huge pain when people cancel last minute without any warning!

Unasked-for Opinions

When it comes to a wedding, so many people want to share there expectations about your wedding should look like which can be very overwhelming. Remember this is your wedding, and it’s not up to you to please everyone. Your sister-in-law-to-be and her picky eating habits don’t need to be catered to. She’s a big girl, she can suck it up for one day.

Underwhelming Wedding Budget

If you do not set and stick to your budget, you will definitely find yourself getting upset. The total cost of a wedding can be very expensive and you are probably going to want to vent to all of your close friends and family! Try not to let budget constraints get you down, and look at it as a way to be more creative with your ideas!  Sign up for our mailing list for ideas on DIY projects and money saving.

Can you think of anything else that came up that you wanted/want to vent about? Share them below!