Picture this: The big day has finally arrived. You are wearing your expensive dress or tuxedo and you have just been included (or were the main feature of!) an amazing wedding ceremony. Now you are sitting at the reception patiently waiting to say your carefully prepared wedding toast to the bride and groom. This can be very nerve wracking whether you are the bride or groom, maid of honor or best man, a bridesmaid, family or guest. Public speaking is difficult, even in these precious moments, because all eyes will be on you and you do not want to disappoint. Delivering a wedding speech or toast does not have to be difficult – all you need to do is be prepared and follow a few rules.

Here are some basic speech wedding tips everyone should follow:

  1. Introduce yourself. Before you start your speech it is a good idea to let everyone know who you are and what your relationship is to the bride and groom so there is no confusion.
  2. Make it personal. Add some details about how you met the bride or groom or a cute story about their wedding proposal. You want the wedding guest to feel connected to what are you saying so the more personal your speech is the better.
  3. Have fun. Everyone loves to hear a funny joke every now and then just be sure not to go overboard this is not a comedy show. For a great speech it needs to be heartfelt with a little laughter, you want to make sure you have a balance.
  4. Say thank you. When giving your speech it is vital to thank everyone who played a part in planning the wedding. This requires some preparation because you do not want to forget anyone. Make a short quick list so you will remember everyone’s name.
  5. Start and end with a bang. You want to grab everyone’s attention with your toast. You can open with a cute saying or a funny quote. The purpose of a speech or toast is to wish the bride and groom much love and happiness. It is always a good idea to end by giving the lovely couple your best wishes.
  6. Keep it short and sweet. You do not want to bore the guests with a super long speech. Keep it brief and memorable.
  7. Practice makes perfect. Whenever you are giving a speech you should practice to make sure you are confident in what you are saying and that your speech flows together. There is nothing more distracting than saying “ums” or “uhs” while you are giving a public speech. Also make sure to give plenty of eye contact when you are speaking to the guest because you want them to fully understand and connect with what you are saying.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for taking your wedding toast to the next level, check out this video:

Greatest wedding toast of all time! from Chair7 Films on Vimeo.

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