by Brittany McComas
Lavender bouquetForget fishing lures, pinwheels, and those same old paper flowers. When it comes to bouquets you can keep, that don’t look
like you went foraging in the attic, I’ve got you covered! What? I’m sorry, but fishing lures–really? No. We all know that was some man’s idea of a cute boutonniere, but it’s not everyone’s style. Get ready to walk down the aisle with something so pretty, and affordable, no one will think twice about your non-traditional, preservable bouquet.

Herb-a-licious Bouquets

Talk about something sweet, Lavender is one of the most beautiful blooms with a sweet scent that preserves better than any flower. Simply buy a lavender plant, cut the blooms off, toss in a few baby roses, and wrap it with fabric. If you use a fresh bouquet down the aisle, simply hang it from the ceiling when you get home to dry it out. source

A Little Something Borrowed


Sometimes jeweled bouquets can come off a bit gaudy, but if play your cards right and turn to your family it can turn into a sweet heirloom. Go through grandma, mom, your aunts, your step parents, your best friend–just about anyone’s old jewelry boxes that you hold dear. Mix in two or three silk blooms that match your wedding colors and you’ve got a beautiful, something borrowed bouquet. source

Sola Flowers

wedding bouquet ideas

These sweet blooms are handmade out of tapioca plants. Cool, huh? Not only can you replicate just about any bloom, they can easily be strung together with needle and thread to make a gorgeous bouquet for your big day. Simple, elegant and classy, these bouquets keep for years to come. source


And, they can be painted any color you please. source

Fall Blooms

Fall Blooms Wedding Bouquet

Yes, I actually saw this on pinterest but it looks easy if you’re crafty. If you’re going for a woodland look, something rustic romance, or you just fancy an Autumn wedding–look no further than these sweet rose bouquets that preserve exactly how they are made. With gorgeous Fall leaves! source

Wheat Wrapped Magic

Wheat Wedding Bouquet

Some of the most simple things to preserve can also magically turn into a gorgeous bouquet. One of the most inexpensive things in the flower department is baby’s breath. Combined with wheat and some sweet burlap or colored fabric, and you’ve got one breathtaking bouquet to walk with down the aisle that will keep for years to come. source

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