When you marry the love of your life, from that moment forward it’s all about making memories. Some are carried with you and some can literally be put in a jar as a keepsake on your mantel. No matter where you honeymoon, why not make it a very sweet memory to place as a reminder that your love has roots in the both of you. Below are four ideas for honeymoon keepsakes you can make yourself to cherish your honeymoon and celebrate your anniversary with a sweet memory from the time you said “I do”.

This cute idea came courtesy of Facebook after my friend posted this jar:

Honeymoon Keepsakes you can make yourself - sands from everywhere you visit! - weddingfor1000.com

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Adorable idea, right? I have been all over the world, several times, and if you get caught smuggling dirt or soil in from a place like Hong Kong or Botswana–you’ll get arrested. Ecologically speaking, be rebellious if you want, but I wouldn’t. Have you seen the men with machine guns in international airports? They’re scary. If you’ve never been detained or never seen someone detained for something they did that was dumb–it’s not worth making a memory jar.

Sand & Shell Jar with Photography

However, I think this idea is totally cute for U.S. or home country beaches. The smart, legal, adorable way to make a memory jar and still hold your honeymoon in another country dear is to grab some rocks or seashells from a walk you go on. Just be sure to wash them really good in the hotel.

You can even stick a photo from your honeymoon in there to celebrate you as newlyweds.

Jar of Honeymoon Keepsakes

Alternatively, gather keepsakes from things you did on a special days out and place them in their very own jars. You can even start a yearly collection for trips you take year after year.

Honeymoon Keepsakes in a mason jar - weddingfor1000.com

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Simply, date each jar with the year you took each trip and you have one very adorable conversation piece and sweet decor for your pad.

Make An Ornament

Turn your honeymoon keepsake dirt into an ornament. Then every Christmas you’ll have a sweet memory spark up as you decorate your tree:

Honeymoon Keepsakes to DIY - weddingfor1000.com

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Rock Your Moments

Honeymoon Keepsakes - sweet love notes on rocks from places you've been - weddingfor1000.com

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This one is so cool! Gather rocks from places you’ve been from your honeymoon to family vacations and romantic getaways. Write one another love notes, about a sweet moment that happened on your trip, on the rocks. Then read them once a year on your anniversary to spark up a little love from the past.

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