gold table numbersDecorate your wedding reception tables with classy gold laser cut table numbers without breaking the bank. When it comes to pinchin pennies and DIY, Wedding for 1000 has got your reception covered! We found these swanky gold letters and thought someone should teach the masses how to ‘do it yourself’ for a little sweet decor on your big day. source
Step One: Break out Adobe Illustrator and script write your own lettering to be laser cut. Start by simply creating your words like ‘four’ in cursive font. Literally draw the words out on a piece of paper with a pen or pencil, so you know which way the letters go.

Step Two: Turn your Smart Guides on (Click on: View > Smart Guides). This will ensure your letters are precise and equal in dimension. Follow the basic forms of the sketch you created with the Pen Tool. Use 2pt (red) stroke on the lines in-order to keep the lines consistent. Copy+drag existing lines and modify as you go to help create the next letter, and so on.

laser table number tutorial


Step Three: Create intertwining cursive letters by making a bridge or white gap between each letter. Direct Select (white arrow) the nearest point next to where the first gap appears between the first letters.

laser table number tut

Step Four: Copy + Paste the point in front. Use the up/down and left/right arrows to position the line in place. Be sure to keep track of the distance (4 down) you move the piece to close the gap, and use that same distance throughout the lettering to keep the line clean, level and consistent.

Step Five: Use the Add Anchor Point Tool (+ Arrow). Add 2 points where you want to start the next shape, in this case it being the “O” in “FOUR.” Use the Delete Anchor Points Tool (- Arrow), and delete the unneeded points. Continue drawing the “O” with the Pen Tool.

Step Six: Once all of the letters are connected, continue until you finish all of the table numbers needed.

How To Order Your Gold Laser Table Numbers

Check out Ponoko. Their 3D laser cutters and designers can take your design and bring it to life! Pricing starts from less than $5. You can order 1 or 100,000. With a turnaround period of less than one week, you will have your gold laser letters in no time. The best big: If Ponoko messes up your order, they’ll remake it for free!

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