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Picking out the perfect wedding gown is one of the events many brides look forward to.  It’s also one of the most stressful.  With so many dresses, a panel of differing opinions from everyone watching you try dress after dress, and the physical task of stepping in and out of each dress…Perhaps this explains why champagne and mimosas are usually served at bridal boutiques!  While the perfect dress is ideally one that you feel most comfortable and confident in, here are some tips on picking out dresses according to what you’d like the gown to do for you.

If you’re a bride that says, “I want the right wedding gown to…”

a wedding gown that makes you look taller

This dress does not necessarily make her look taller, but we were going for the weirdest stock photo we could find. Did we find it?

“…Look Taller”

Girls everywhere can easily put on a pair of heels for height, but the right wedding gown for your body type can help elongate your body in photos.  Try a higher waisted style, like empire cut, to lengthen the perception of your legs.  Stay away from: mermaid styles that may cut you off.

flowing wedding gown

this dress is great for walking in fields of lavender, clearly.

“…Hide my Tummy”

If you’re concerned about your mid-section, or just want to have some freedom to eat without worrying on your wedding day, corseted A-line cuts, or poofy ball gowns are the dress styles for you.  These super-flattering styles work well with most body types, and work very well to accentuate the waistline while drawing attention away from the tummy.  Stay away from: tightly-fitted sheath dresses or mermaid styles.

“…Minimize my Arms”

There are many options to cover your arms without having the dress look dated, or old fashioned (unless that’s the look you’re going for). Try dresses with lovely lace sleeves or small wing sleeves (shaved like v’s or angled, not to be confused with cap sleeves, which are rounder and can make arms look bigger).  Boat necks that come with small sleeves (almost like a band) can also help minimize arms.  Stay away from: anything sleeveless.

find the right wedding gown

this minimizes the bust, right?

 “…Maximize my Bust”

Aside from using a good quality push-up bra, any tightly fitted neckline, like strapless styles or sweetheart styles are great to help accentuate your desired curves. Consider dresses with corset-like tops.  Stay away from: any loose-flowing style that will not let you wear a bra, or V-neck sheath dresses.

“…Minimize my Bust”

Those on the other end of the spectrum not wanting their endowment to steal the show, can consider V-necklines, which will give a little bit of cleavage, but also help your chest achieve a proportional look.  Stay away from: high necklines that will cover up everything and potentially make you look box-like or matronly.

All of the above being said, they say the most flattering thing a girl can wear is a smile, so go forth and shine on your wedding day.

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