Putting together some sweet wedding favors yourself is a great way to have some alone time with your husband to be, or get in some girl time with your bridal party before the big day. From photo booths to swag bags, there’s something for every kind of couple to send their guests home with something awesome. No matter what style your wedding, these DIY wedding favors are sure to be budget friendly, fun and don’t suck! header image via ultimatebridesmaid.com

19DIY Photo Booth

Make a photo booth backdrop for your wedding for endless favor fun! Your backdrop can include a sparkling curtain or a chalkboard with your wedding details. Set your guests up with Wedding Party App on their smartphones, that has a personalized photo booth app–and let the DIY fun begin! Have each of your bridesmaids bring a couple of creative props – you never know what is hiding in someone’s closet from a few Halloween’s ago. You could probably leave the full-size mouse costume at home.
This Instax Photo Printer by Fujifilm lets guests print photos directly from their phone! Don’t forget to get the film, but seriously – depending on how many guests you’ve invited, you will probably save a lot of money with this rather than hiring a professional photo booth!

DIY Donations

Instead of spending money on monogrammed stuff that your guests don’t really need or want, consider this an opportunity to make a donation to your favorite charity. Most charities will send you pins to go at your guests’ place setting or you can print some off yourself with a personal note of love. If it’s an organization you especially believe in, you could consider asking your guests to donate in lieu of gifts.

Hearts-in-bags-sm490DIY Personalized Treats

Mmm, delicious! Everyone loves a little something sweet! How about printing out some personalized candy bar bags or covering beer bottles with personalized labels? You can send guests home with a little treat to remember you by (well, they’ll remember you long after that treat)! Think wine, liquor, beer, candy bars, jams, jellies, and pastries. There are many more ideas, but the idea is to simply print your own labels at home and stick them on your treat! Evermine makes it super easy with beautiful labels you can make your own.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, and slightly more magnanimous on your budget, you could make:

Homemade Apricot Liqueur

  • 1.5 lb sulfate-free dried apricots
  • 1.4 lb unflavored rock candy
  • 1.5 gallon vodka (doesn’t have to be the expensive kind!)

Put all ingredients in a glass gallon jar, and keep in a cool, dark place for at least two months. I usually keep mine in the freezer.  Shake every once in a while.  When finished, strain into individual small glass bottles, label and give away as Adult Wedding Favors!

DIY Swag Bags

If you’re the type to throw one killer reception (I’m looking at whoever is giving the Apricot Liqueur as a favor!), be kind and hook your guests up with swag bags. You can get cotton shopping bags printed quite cheap. Stuff them with bottled water, aspirin or Alka-seltzer, Gatorade, beer (for hair of the dog), chips or popcorn, anything you think your guests might need for the dreaded day after.

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