When it comes to what happens at the reception, you might have a plethora of questions about wedding toasts. Do people even still do toasts? How do you ask someone to toast you? Check out our how to on all things wedding toasting, so you can rock yours like no other bride and groom!

Modern Wedding Toasts

It’s your wedding, and you should do what you want to. Most modern brides opt for a single toast reception where the only toasts given are by the Best Man and Maid of Honor. Sometimes The Father of The Bride is asked to give a short toast, but that is totally up to you. The toast isn’t mandatory, either. Some grooms like to ask their father to toast at the rehearsal dinner that way none of the patriarchs of the family are left out.

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Asking a Loved One To Give A Toast

Be sure to write the toast into your wedding day program. The groom should ask his father and best man, while the bride should address her father and maid of honor. Be sure to include what you would like, for instance if the best man is terrible at jokes–ask him to keep them short. You should give your loved ones at least three months to write their toast, as some people simply aren’t all that creative.

The Etiquette Of Toasting

Write your speech down if you don’t feel comfortable memorizing it, and lay the card on the table to keep it within view. When all else fails, short and sweet is just as romantic. Don’t mention family problems, and keep childhood stories very short. Keep your ego out of it and only talk about the happy couple. Lastly instruct everyone to raise a glass to the bride and groom.

Toasting doesn’t have to be done with champagne, either. Guests can toast you with the glass in their hand, cutting down on the cost for the ‘champagne toast’. Consider having a fun signature cocktail at your reception with delicious drinks that are holiday inspired (these Valentine’s drinks are delicious!) or something that is meaningful for the two of you.

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