You can use them in doorways and wall decorations. You can hang them from ceilings and entwine them with fairy lights. They can be made up of any shapes and colors that you want. They can be your ceremony backdrop, or you can make your reception entrance through a tunnel of them. Garlands can be used as wedding decorations in so many ways!  They’re adorable and easy, and in large numbers can be really stunning.

I was emulating the heart garlands in the featured image when I bought these transparent heart shaped sticky notes before Valentine’s Day last year, and tried to make a very quick garland for my hubby to wake up under! Turns out, you gotta be really good at keeping things untangled when you use delicate ribbon and these sticky notes, but they were adorable!  Sadly, I didn’t get any of my own pictures. Instead, I’ll link some from Pinterest, so you can see other ideas!  Click on the images to go to the original posts.

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DIY lluvia de corazones - Manualidades para Decorar y enamorar   Amazing hand-made mobile   heart garland from Jamie & Jon's three-day summer camp wedding | Offbeat Bride   Heart garland that hangs up and down. Easy to make and beautiful. Could see it in a window, hanging from a chandelier over a table or in a doorway. Lovely.

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