My only true wedding spending regret, led me to share this tip. Don’t spend money on things that don’t make a statement, or that don’t matter. I decided early on in the wedding planning process that I really wanted to have a lounge area with couches and tables, a lounge area that was equal parts swanky and comfortable. It would just be a place for guests to relax, and in my mind it seemed like it would be such a beautiful thing to include.

It ended up being pretty expensive, and pretty unnecessary. Nobody really even used it, and if it hadn’t been there we would totally have managed. There were at least 150 chairs on the premises, did it really matter if there was a Barcelona chair knockoff in the ‘seating area’, looking elegant? Did we really need more seating? No.

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So, this is a small tip, but I think it’s pretty important to keep perspective on. Make sure when you are planning your wedding that every detail is actually necessary. Don’t spend on something that doesn’t quite fit in, even though you really liked it when you saw it on Pinterest! Choosing your wedding spending wisely will increase the enjoyment of the day for you and your guests. If it doesn’t count, forget about it. You don’t need it and your day will be just as stellar without it!

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