Wedding attire can vary from black tie to casual. Knowing how to dress for a wedding is the secret to being the best dressed guest. It’s all about knowing which style, color and details work best for you. For instance if you are younger it’s best to make sure your dress is shorter than your coat. If you want to wear trousers opt for a trouser suit not just trousers and a shirt. Remember know matter what you wear you want to always look chic and polished. Make sure your hair is done simply, your nails are buffed and your shoes are shined.

Read the invitation

Weddings invitations usually specify the dress code. For traditional religious weddings women typically wear dresses and men wear suits with ties. Informal weddings are usually casual while formal weddings call for floor length gowns and tuxedos and are usually held in the evening. Shop FineTuxedos for some of the most affordable tuxedos on the internet! Complete tuxedo package starting at $129.99 If the wedding invitation doesn’t mention the dress code or hint at the style of wedding, call the bride to ask about it.

Consider the weather

For a fall or winter wedding, consider wearing a lace, sequined, or beaded dress. As a general rule, three-quarter length or long sleeved dresses are more appropriate for winter weddings. For spring or summer weddings consider wearing a knee length or slightly shorter dress. Wear the colors that flatter you and aren’t too bright and eye-catching. Dresses can be casual or fancy, depending on how you accessorize. Your jewelry, shoes and handbag can all make your outfit more, or less, formal.

To wear white or not

The bride should stand out on her wedding day so you should never wear white to a wedding or a dark color. Weddings are a celebratory time and it’s the perfect time to break out some color.


  •  The most obvious way to save on a wedding outfit is by wearing something that you already own. No one will remember when you wore that dress or suit last the only person that will know is you.
  • If possible borrow an outfit from a good friend. Think about which one of your friends has similar style and size has you and ask if they’ll loan you an outfit.
  • If you are still having no luck, consider renting your outfit for a few days. This is a great option for anyone who really wants to wear a designer label without paying full price.
  • Shop for a outfit on sale-if you want to buy a new outfit for you to keep and wear again, planning ahead will allow you to shop sale items. If you see an outfit you like in a store, ask the retail assistant when is their next sale and whether or not if your item will be included.

Not too matchy-matchy

Wearing one color head to toe can be a bit much and distracting to the other wedding guests, one way to go is vintage, you can’t go wrong with vintage tailoring and 1960’s style dresses is a brilliant wedding style.

To top it all off

When picking out your wedding outfit don’t be afraid to wear a hat. Hats are a great way of expressing your fashion style, but stay away from feathers that’s a no-no for weddings.

The final touches

Shoes have to be practical, when choosing the perfect shoes factor in standing, walking and dancing. The worst thing is to be at a wedding and have your feet hurt before you’re truly done dancing, so choose cute but comfortable shoes!  Consider keeping a back-up pair of flats in your handbag to change into when your feet have had enough of the heels. Check out these in gold and black!

Weddings are a chance to dress up and have fun with your look but be sure to try on your entire outfit well before the wedding to make sure everything fits perfectly and you love the way you look.

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