Let me start by saying that I think this is such a fascinating idea and I think it’s well-executed.

This is Maigen, and I am so buzzing to write about this I had to install a new plugin so that I could ask your opinions! I’m dying to know.  I’ll make the rundown short and sweet and the Yes or No poll is at the end.

Would You Consider Commercializing Your Wedding Day?

Think about it before you answer.  That ‘commercialization’ could be anything.  Yesterday’s post was about ways to recoup what you spent on the wedding by selling some of your accessories, the dress, the shoes, the decor, etc.  It could be having a Sponsored Wedding (apparently that is, in fact, a thing) where companies pay for all or part of your wedding to have their logo emblazoned on it.

The commercialization of this particular wedding is that the groom used the wedding to promote his business. Eric Beans, CEO of Texting Base became the first CEO in history to film a commercial for his product during his actual wedding to Laila Beans. And it was GORGEOUS!

By everything I can see, the wedding was absolutely stunning. It was held at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa on August 29th, 2015, and it looked absolutely magical (side note: I really have to go to that aquarium one day because the shark tank looks HUGE!). There didn’t seem to be anything off-putting or sensationalized about the wedding that screamed ‘This is a commercial, watch out!’

Here’s the commercial, see for yourself. Then vote whether you’d consider commercializing your wedding or not – and you can give more details in the comments below!

Okay, you’ve seen it. It may not be what YOU want, but it looks like they got the wedding of their dreams, as well as a write-off for the newly-wed husband’s company Texting Base.

So what do you think?

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