The aesthetic of a wedding is its consistent style. A lot of people who are paying close attention to this department may already know that the big ‘aesthetic’ names in modern weddings are vintage and rustic. They’re great aesthetics, but you shouldn’t simply go for them just because it’s trendy and there are a thousand wedding organizers who can design a wedding accordingly and with ease. Developing your own aesthetic isn’t quite as easy as a lot of people make out, but it’s definitely doable. It’s the best way of ensuring that your wedding is unique, and doesn’t just end up looking like something out of a catalogue. Let’s take a quick look at the ways in which you can build the wedding aesthetic.

Wedding for $1000 - Forget Trends - Build Your Own Wedding Aesthetic



Most people are content to stick to two colors for the palette, using light shades that don’t vary much throughout clothing or decor. Pink and white seem to be the most popular when it comes to selecting a color palette, but more colorful weddings are certainly popular. If elaborate flowers or jewelry twill feature heavily, then something closer to five tones will work better.

Consider learning a bit more about color theory so you can see what goes well together – and what clashes. Decide how many items you want to conform to the palette; flower choice, cake, venue, table dressing, and even the invitations may need to be selected in accordance with the chosen colors.

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When people think about wedding aesthetics, they have a habit of jumping to the conclusion that we’re talking about specific themes. You need to consider aesthetics whether you’re having a themed wedding or not, but there’s no doubt that it becomes a much more important and sensitive consideration if you’re going to be centering things around a specific theme.

You need to think about how much the venue is going to fit with the chosen theme (or whether or not the owners of the venue are going to have a problem with such a theme!). What people are going to wear may not be affected as much; not all themes require you to wear something other than the traditional wedding outfits! But you’ll need to pay careful consideration to how out of place an outfit might look among a certain theme. Items like kilts are versatile and can go with a lot of themes, but others may seem a little too incongruous.

Wedding for $1000 - Forget Trends - Build Your Own Wedding Aesthetic


Venue and season

Thinking of the overarching aesthetic before picking the venue can be useful, but it can also lead you to be more restricted than you think when it comes to venue choice. You may want to consider building an aesthetic around the venue after you’ve chosen it. This approach should also be considered before shopping for a dress.

The venue is a sort of backdrop; the colors and decor shouldn’t clash with it. Remember to consider the season, also. Let it inform some of your aesthetic choices; spring and summer aesthetics may be pretty similar, but winter and summer aesthetics will be very different indeed!

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