Throwing a wedding for $1000 isn’t always just about the money you put out, it’s about the money you can bring back in. Forget traditional yard sales, brides all across the land are looking for online deals! From votives to table numbers, table runners and your dress, we’ll show you loads of ways to sell your gently used wedding items to help someone else put the finishing touches on their perfect wedding for $1000, and put some cold hard cash back in your pocket.

Trade in your wedding dress!Trade It!

You’ve got the goods: gorgeous wedding shoes, elegant wedding dress, the ring pillow, the perfect accessories – but your wedding day is over, and you might have spent a little more than you expected (whoops!). Recoup some of that spent cash by listing your items on Tradesy. You could have your dress listed in 5 minutes flat – you’ve already got great pictures of it!

Start a Store

One of the quickest ways to get rid of all those decorative pieces and mini-martini glasses is to start an Etsy store.


You can list your decor and crafting items under craft supplies, because you never know why another person might want the mason jars you used to serve vintage cocktails. This venture is definitely for the creative at heart, because you can list handmade good and vintage pieces, as well. Keep in mind Etsy charges $0.20 to list an item for 4 months or until it sells, and when you sell an item they collect a 3.5% fee on the sale price. My advice: calculate that fee and put it in the price to recoup your costs. It’s cheeky but effective.

Start an Account

Ebay is a great way to resale everything from your wedding day.

My friend threw a gorgeous rustic romance style wedding a few years back. I was in from England and asked her where she got her stupid expensive votives so cheap. The answer? Ebay. My sister started an account a few years back and just sold everything in her house she didn’t want, so in my book it’s proven to make money.  Register as a private seller and your first 20 listing each month are free. You only pay a 10% fee on your total transaction cost–that includes postage and it’s never higher than $250.

Join a Social Media Group

Wedding, beauty, and yard sale groups are great places to make new friends and share the items you may not need that a bride to be is looking for! Check out facebook, wordpress, blogger, tumblr, pinterest, twitter, Meetup, reddit — they all have people that are constantly posting about similar interests. Start by googling the social media site name and these keywords: wedding groups, wedding items, resale wedding items, wedding recycle, wedding thrift swap, etc. You’re sure to get some instant hits, and you can start narrowing down your search from there.

Feature Blogs

Create a blog or get in on one that’s up and running with a shop. If you’re not that tech-savvy or don’t have time to run a blog, check out Ruffled’s “Recycle Your Wedding”. Like wow! A free classified listing for all things wedding, so it’s super-easy to socially share with friends and their friends on any media outlet to plug whatever items you’re getting rid of–and! They advertise per region across the U.S., Canada and Australia.

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