by Brittany McComas

There are so many things people publish these days that claim are ways to accomplish budget wedding planning, and they really could not be more wrong. This kind of stuff really “butters my biscuit”. That’s the Southern way of saying it’s bollocks. Recently, I’ve found a bunch of advice that I disagree with, and have turned it into ways you can be more wedding budget friendly!

wedding planning budget ideas

Cocktail Receptions

“Butlers in tuxedos passing trays of a few kinds of stylish hors d’oeuvres seems more high-end than chafing dishes on a buffet table, but the cost is roughly the same,” says Chelsea Zachman, director of events and marketing at Bonnell’s Restaurant Group in Fort Worth Texas.

Butlers in tuxedos? Are you crazy? It might be roughly the same cost at her venues, but for those of us on a small budget, that’s still a high cost! More like ask your friends to bartend for half-hour to hour long sessions and get rid of service staff all together. You’re paying these people upward of $20 an hour. If your reception goes for five hours that’s $100 per staff person. Check out some of my sweet DIY bars to set up ahead of time for guests to make their own bloody drinks.

DIY Champagne Wedding Bar

Bad-a$$ Wedding Cocktail Ideas For Budgeting Brides

Save Money! A Sassy Sangria Bar Replaces A Full Bar

Wedding Budget IdeasLounge Seating

Maryrose Griffith, of Maryrose Griffith Event Design and Coordination in San Diego, California, says, “Lounge furniture is more affordable than you might think…a set of curved benches…might run you about $400. And your guests will feel spoiled!” 

My guests will also be paying my rental fee, because I know one of my drunk friends is gonna have red wine all over it. Forget that nonsense. Seriously, just DIY it. When you get into DIY do it as a family, as a couple. This will really strengthen your bond before you walk down the aisle, or at least will let you know how well you guys manage the stress of projects together! Image source

Get some driftwood or discarded pallets, nail the suckers together, throw some lawn cushions on it from Amazon or Walmart, a few throw pillows from Etsy, and you’ve got posh lounge furniture for under a hundred bucks.

wedding budget ideasCocktail/Reception Decor

Samantha Goldberg of Samantha Goldberg & Co. in Summit, New Jersey says, “Use natural elements with earthy, upscale appeal.” She suggests filling a two- to three-foot-high vase with a base of river rocks and adding dramatic branches of curly willow. Place these arrangements at the entrance to your cocktail hour and/or reception. Image source

While I can bet you twenty bucks no one in your wedding party is gonna go rock hunting in your local river with you, but you can find them at our favorite budget wedding decor supplies website: SaveOnCrafts. They have river rocks (but they’re kindof expensive) and they have curly willow in several lengths. 3′-5′ lengths come in 12 branches per bunch at 3 bunches for $18.

Stay tuned for more ways in the future from Wedding For 1000 on how to keep your planning under budget no matter what those posh crazies might say next week!

xx Brittany

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  1. Barbara

    What are the little lights on that centerpiece, and where can I get them? Also am wondering what kind of flowers are in the base? I love the way it looks. I am not very handy with crafts but I think I can make it work if I can find the supplies.


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