Every woman wants to look exquisite on her special day but that does not mean she wants to spend a lot of money on her wedding dress. There are many ways to get around spending a fortune on your dress keep reading for some helpful tips.

Borrow a dress

Shop your mom’s or best friend’s closet and see if you can use their old wedding dress. You might have to alter the dress to fit your style and body shape, but if that is not an option try browsing your local consignment store because you never know you may find a gem.

Purchase a store sample

If you can find a discounted dress, you have hit gold. Discounted wedding dresses will save you a lot of money in the long run. Often these dresses may have been tried on like most other clothing so as long as it’s clean there shouldn’t be any problems. Also you can look for designer brand discounts at your local bridal stores.

Check out pre-loved wedding dresses

Tradesy is an amazing resource for wedding everything. Formerly Recycled Bride, they are an online consignment shop! They’ve got a LOT of wedding items though – this slideshow shows about 100 items, and there are more on there.  (We tried to find things that were under $700 to showcase here).

Opt for a less traditional wedding dress

Who says you must wear a fancy and extravagant dress on your wedding? If you want a classic dress then take a look at some bridesmaids dresses, those are a great option and cost a lot less than your typical wedding gown.

Take a casual approach to your big day

If you are having a beautiful beach wedding or an exotic destination wedding then it makes more sense to cut corners and save money on a dress especially if you are going to have travel expenses for you and your guest. Instead of a full on wedding gown opt for a cocktail dress and be sure to browse through the clearance racks for your dress. You can spice up any dress with the right accessories.

Do not alter your dress

Making any little change to your wedding gown can quickly add up and before you know it you will be spending a fortune on alterations alone. One way to save money is to choose a gown that you love just the way it is, that is way it is very important to try on your dress before making any purchases and final decisions.

Attend a special event at your local bridal shop

If you have a favorite fashion designer that you are dying to wear for your wedding day be sure to visit Trunk Shows were they show off their new dress collection and offer discounts. These small savings will definitely make a difference.

Learn your fabrics

One of the biggest cost factors when looking for a cheaper wedding dress is the material that your dress is made of. The more expensive the materials obviously the more expensive your dress will be so it is important to to know if you want your dress to be silk, chiffon, taffeta or have lace detailing. If you are on a budget then choose wisely.

With these simple tips you will be able to find your perfect and affordable wedding gown.

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