The typical bachelorette party isn’t for everyone— and it certainly isn’t in everyone’s budget.  The tab at a bar can add up quickly depending on where you live, and your standard bar might not be the bride’s scene.  The price tag is even heftier if your group chooses to do a destination bachelorette party.  Whether the bride-to-be simply isn’t interested in spending a long weekend partying in Vegas or it is just too financially challenging for your group to make that happen, there are plenty of non-traditional celebrations that can reflect the bride’s personality without straining guests’ purse strings.

For brides who feel most at home with a night on the town, consider getting all dolled up together and then heading out to a comedy club.  For smaller groups, have everyone meet up at one person’s house and set up your own beauty bar.  Do each other’s make up and hair for the evening— there are tons of easy-to-follow tutorials and lots of inspiration on Pinterest if you don’t know where to start.  After you have gotten ready, keep the smiles and laughs rolling with a comedy club.  If you know where to look, tickets can be much cheaper than you might have thought.  Look for deals on Living SocialGroupon or other discount sites.  Currently you can get two tickets for as low as $4 at this Tribeca comedy club or 4 tickets for $15 to see stand up at this New York City venue.

For brides who want something a bit more casual, a day at an amusement park might just be the ticket.  Amusement parks like Six Flags are constantly running promotions.  Check out their website before you book because some days will be more deeply discounted than others.  To make this day even more memorable, make sure that you DIY some shirts to let everyone know what you are celebrating.  The gals at my bachelorette party surprised me with “Bride” and “Team Bride” tanks, and people at the park were congratulating me all day.  Are the bride and the other attendees the competitive type?  Divide into two groups and start a scavenger hunt, getting pictures with various park characters or in front of certain rides.  These will create great keepsakes to look back on.

A throw back sleepover might be the perfect plan for a variety of brides.  Make sure to customize this to the bride’s specific tastes.  Does she love board games or video games?  Make a marathon of all of her favorites, and add some extra ones that are bachelorette themed.  There are a lot of fun, free games you can find online, some with very little prep required, and you can adjust just how risqué you want the game depending on the bride’s own preferences.  If games aren’t her thing, consider a wedding-themed movie night, complete with matching decor and snacks.  Make an inexpensive popcorn bar using recipes from this roundup.  If the bride would have loved a spa weekend, but it just wasn’t financially feasible, consider bringing the spa to her.  You can get great beauty deals from your local drug store, but don’t forget that your local dollar store typically carries all the beauty essentials like nail polish, too.  Put on some zen music and unwind together before the big day.  Sleepovers can keep cost down while being perfectly tailored to the bride’s personality.

Co-ed bachelor/bachelorette parties are growing in popularity and for active brides and grooms, there is a lot to choose from.  Look for deals on Living Social for ice skating or bowling; if your group is more adventurous, think about dividing up for a boys vs. girls laser tag game or paintball match. You can also find steals on other exciting, unconventional group activities, like bouncing around at a trampoline park.

By focusing on the bride’s wants and the guests’ budgetary needs, you can plan a bachelorette party that she will love—on a budget everyone will thank you for.

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