For brides on a tight budget unexpected costs can literally break the bank! If you’re planning a fabulous wedding on a small budget you need to be prepared for things that might pop up. Here are some things to consider as you plan your wedding so that you aren’t blindsided as the big day draws near with additional costs!

The Marriage License

You’ve got to have it, otherwise there’s no point to the whole shindig (in a legal way, anyway!). Did you remember to include this cost in your budget? Depending on where you are getting married, licenses can cost anywhere from $20 to $100 dollars. Make sure to check your state’s guidelines! You also need to keep in mind that in most states you aren’t automatically going to get a copy of your marriage license after it’s been filed. If you want a copy, that’ll cost you some cash too.

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When you pick out your invitations you need to think about its weight and size when you go to mail it. If it weighs more than one ounce or if it’s an odd shape then you will have to pay additional postage – and that can add up quick! If you’re sending RSVP cards with the invites then you’ll need to put postage on those as well. Also, don’t shell money for special stamps. They may look nice and romantic, but no one is going to notice them and you’re trying to plan a budget wedding here!


Unless you’re extremely special or a clone of Heidi Klum, then you’re probably going to need alterations to your wedding gown. Depending on where you get your dress the fee may already be included in the price, but other places will charge you for additional alterations and they don’t come cheap!


Make sure when you think about a budget for your dress that you include your veil, shoes, undergarments and jewelry. All of this stuff can really add up and set you back quite a bit. Of course, since “borrowing” something for the special day is kind of a tradition, don’t be afraid to borrow some jewelry for the big day and save yourself some moo-lah.

Unexpected Guests

Look, it’s probably going to happen. Either everyone that shows up will not have RSVP’d or someone you love dearly will show up with a not-so-loved-dearly plus one you didn’t plan for. Deep breaths! You will just need to make sure to account for this in your plans. Sure, it’s rude but if you just assume it’s going to happen and plan accordingly it won’t spoil your day…too much.


You’ve probably already been searching online for adorable favors to add to your special day, but if you’re looking to save money then you probably need to nix the idea all together. Unless you’re the queen of Pinterest and can get out that hot glue gun and create a masterpiece out of something that costs pennies to make then you may just want to forget the whole thing.

Just remember that your big day is about making a pledge to the person you have chosen to be with, and that’s the most important thing about the day. There will always be things you can’t plan for and things you aren’t expecting. The bright side is that you’re getting married regardless of the things you don’t foresee, so enjoy it.

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