This tradition is not just for the superstitious bride! Originally, the tradition of the bride wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue on her wedding day was an English rhyme from 1898 and was meant to bring the newlyweds good luck. Now one of the most popular wedding traditions out there, brides are always looking for ways to save and still get their four good luck charms.

Here are some cost effective ways to get your something old, new, borrowed and blue that won’t break the bank.

Something Old

Your something old can be a wide range of things; basically, you just cannot have purchased this item brand new.

This can range from buying a second-hand wedding dress (just as beautiful and often less than half the original price), veil, or jewelry from a thrift store or second-hand bridal store. Quick tip: A popular bridal consignment store that I have heard amazing things about is Brides to Be, in Glastonbury, Connecticut, but these types of stores are all over the country!

If you are really set on not buying your something old, wear a family heirloom or antique…just be really, really careful with it. Sporting an old brooch or your grandmother’s necklace is a touching way to incorporate your family and stick to tradition, all while adding a vintage feel to your ensemble.

Something New

I had a friend who, for her “something new”, purchased Tiffany monogrammed champagne flutes with her and her husband’s initials engraved in them…you do not have to purchase Tiffany champagne flutes.

Often your dress or veil (if you purchased them new) can count as your something new. While some people may consider this cheating, frugal brides will certainly not care. If you do want something new that’s not your dress, spring for a new accessory. Maybe you’ll allot one new piece of jewelry as your something new.

Even cheaper still? Try sewing your own garter, which costs essentially nothing and can be brand new and created by you.

Something Borrowed

This is where relatives come in handy.

Similar to your something old, something borrowed is something you will wear on your big day that was not purchased new and is owned by someone else – this is presumably something that you’re going to give back. A fun way to cut costs and keep in line with this tradition is borrowing a family member or friend’s veil, jewelry, shoes, or even their wedding dress.

It might seem crazy, but wedding dress lending is extremely popular. Sites such as Borrowing Magnolia will actually let you rent out and return wedding dresses, many for a reduced rate. The same goes for Rent the Runway (Get $25 off your first rental of $75+ with new code FIRSTRTR25X75X). But for an added emotional connection, borrowing your mom or aunt’s wedding dress (if it’s the type of dress you’re looking for, of course) is a sweet gesture and a HUGE cost deduction.

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Something Blue

Finally, your something blue is a great chance for quirky brides to show their true colors.

Adding some blue tool to the underskirt of your dress is one colorful statement, or rocking some killer shoes in any blue hue is a stylish way to add your something blue.

For the more subtle bride, blue lingerie or stitching your wedding date with blue thread inside your dress are more undercover ways to incorporate your something blue into your big day.

Whether you’re a superstitious or a disbelieving bride, getting your four “something’s” is a fun tradition that is sure to begin your married life with a lucky start!

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