Did you know that there was such a thing as an off-season wedding?  The peak wedding months in most (but not all) locations are May through October, with June and July being very popular.  During these months, vendors are able to ask higher prices because they are in high demand.  If you choose to have an off-season wedding, you might have some other factors to deal with, but you can save a lot of money.

As with any decision in life that requires a big investment, you should always do your homework.  Some vendors may still try to charge the same as they do in the peak season, but you would never know if you don’t do your research.

Having a wedding in the less popular months may mean that you have to deal with some ugly weather conditions, depending on where you live or choose to have your wedding.  Generally, the popular wedding months are dictated by the weather in your area.  If you have ugly winters, it is likely that weddings will not be happening then.  If you do choose to have your wedding in a place where weather can be unfavorable, you should always, always have a backup plan.

Since vendors have found that business slows during certain parts of the year, they are definitely open to negotiating so that they make a few sales.  Vendors that are specifically tied to weddings, like photographers, will actually seek out couples instead of the other way around.  If you find a vendor you love, feel free to ask about any discounts or deals.  Since business is slow, they are more like to work with you to get you a good deal.  It never hurts to ask.  You may also get a lot quicker service and more attention since it is a slower time of year.

Generally, things like wedding gowns and engagement rings do not hinge around the slow wedding seasons.  There are certain times of the year where those things will be on sale, you just have to be on the look out, or look for other budget options.  Ask your bridal shops when they have their end of season sales or if there are any discontinued dresses at a good price.  Ring prices will change throughout the year, so that is when you just need to compare, research, and talk to your local retailers or look online for budget-friendly options.

Hotels will be less booked in the off-season, which makes more dates available and negotiation a little easier.  You’re far more likely to get a great deal on hotel rooms if you aren’t competing with any events, holidays or the usual wedding crowd.

Finally, if you have a wedding in the off-season, say January, you will not be competing with any other major holidays, and guests will generally be able to attend without any conflicts because they are less busy this time of year.  Plus, you as a couple will not feel as stressed and are able to focus more on each other.

Many brides think that a wedding in the less popular months means that they won’t be able to have everything they always dreamed of.  This is absolutely not true.  You can have everything you dreamed of and save a little cash along the way.  You might have to do a little more leg work, but in the end, you’ll be happy you did.

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