Flowers can get pretty spendy when your budget is on the low side. Offset your floral budget by making a boutonniere for your groom (and the groomsmen if you have any!). Boutonnieres are quick, simple and easy to customize with whatever flowers you are having in your bridal bouquet.  You can also go with something a little different that speaks to the groom’s personality or hobbies.
For  this project you’ll need:

Prepare the main flower by stripping off the green leaves surrounding the bud and then peel off some of the outer petals.

Cut down the stem until about an inch is left.

Wrap the flowers together tightly with florist tape.

Cover the florist tape with ribbon and secure it with tape at the back or with a little dab of hot glue.

That’s it! You can do this! Store the boutonniere in the refrigerator overnight! Honestly, this is usually a $7 to $20 thing (depending on the florist, of course) and you can do it yourself really easily and it can be quite inexpensive.  Next, we’ll do an article on how to style your own bridal bouquet!

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