Editor’s Note: This column has caused a furor in many ways.  This is an opinion article by one of the writers for Wedding for $1000 and we highly suggest that you take the suggestions with a grain of salt, continue to do research for what is actually in season in your area at the time of your wedding, and always consult with a florist about what is possible for your wedding day.

The two best ways to save on flowers are: 1) approach them with a color in mind and a budget. Any good florist can work with those two things.  2) prioritize your needs for flowers.  

Please keep an eye out for a series of articles on finding the proper wedding flowers and florists – we will be working with several florists around the world to bring you the best information and budget-saving ideas for your wedding flowers!

Finding flowers that are not astronomically expensive can be a challenge. The first time you meet with a florist you may literally fall out of your chair when they tell you how much they want for a bride only, satin wrapped bouquet with five roses. Then you have to think about your bridal party, groomsmen boutonnieres, and centerpieces. Cut the thorns off your flower budget with our sweet ideas that will give you plenty of options on how not to sacrifice beauty, but budget like a pro!

The Low Down & Dirty Business of Flowers

babysbreath-bridesmaidsDon’t sacrifice your bridal bouquet. If you want roses, go for it! Why? Your first wedding photo with your husband or walking down the aisle will be the photo that makes your mantle/family wall. Pick the flowers you really want, and find complimentary flowers for your bridal party. The picture above shows a bride who chose a beautiful bouquet, and her bridesmaids carried the very affordable baby’s breath!

  • Rose Alternatives: Lisianthus, Ranunculus, Begonias, Camellias (a sweet winter bloom), Rosebud Azaleas (super-cheap in spring and summertime). Peonies can also replace garden flowers.
  • Lilac Alternatives: Stock (this is available all year round in various colors like white, pink, peach and purple); Lavender.
  • Others: spray roses, cushion poms, freesia (for boutonnieres), gladiolas, daisies, sunflowers, wax flower (can be used as boutonnieres and centerpieces, as well as an accent/filler flower for your bouquet).
  • Visit a Farmers Market for discount stems!

Cut the thorns off your flower budgetSwap Flowers For Something Borrowed

This is too cool! Talk to the women in your family. Gather brooches from your grandmothers, aunts, mother and step parents or extended family members. Use them to craft a sweet bouquet that can be your sparkly, sentimental ‘something borrowed’.

Go Green

Greenery is great for table toppers, accents to make it seem like you bought a boat load of flowers, and boutonnieres! Individual succulents in clay pots are great table toppers and guest souvenirs. Another alternative is to wrap tables in greenery garland and intertwine silk lily of the valley throughout.

Cut & Paste Your Table Tops

With the popularity of Pinterest and the coupon app this is a great way to cut cost on centerpieces. Download a coupon app like Shopular or Groupon and grab coupon codes for hobby and craft stores. Find your paper design. Throw a flower crafting party with family and friends. Then use the flowers to make a pinata. Instead of a guestbook have people write notes, dump them inside and break it open on your one year anniversary!

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