We’ve all seen brides have a melt-down – whether it’s on the show ‘Bridezillas’, or if you’ve seen one happen in person. It’s awful. There she is, about to walk down the aisle on the happiest day of her life, and then something happens and something else happens, and all of a sudden you find yourself watching a scary person curse out the florist for the baby’s breath ‘sticking out TOO FAR’. Next thing you see the florist is in tears, there are three bridesmaids looking for a way to stuff the baby’s breath into the bouquet a little deeper (yeah, not going to happen), one bridesmaid trying to keep mascara from running down the bride’s tearful face, and her mother is on her way to the shop for (presumably) a Xanax.

You don’t want that to be YOU on your wedding day, so here are some tips and tricks to help you keep your shit together and your inner Bridezilla at bay on the greatest day of your life!

Seriously, Sister. Sleep

The night before your wedding is almost more important than the day of.  Don’t leave important things to the last minute and if at 10pm the night before you realize you’ve forgotten something miniscule – FORGET IT.  Trust me, no one will notice. Sleep is more important.

Relax. Give yourself a nice facial. Rub some essential oil of lavender on your temples. Brew a cup or two of a delicious tea. We like Egyptian Licorice Mint by Yogi Tea (it’s like the Aveda tea without the crippling price tag). Try Sleepytime by Celestial Seasonings or Chamomile with Lavender by Traditional Medicinals, both can be found online and in your local health food store. Turn all devices off an hour before bed, including your smart phone. Set your alarm for 8 hours.

Eat and Drink

No one needs to deal with a hangry bride!  Plan for a small brunch or breakfast for the morning of your wedding day for you and your girls before you start getting ready. Don’t get all het up about eating carbs because they’ll make you bloat. Girl, if you plan to drink, you need a bread base.  Include a round of champagne cocktails, bloody marys or mimosas to calm everyone’s nerves.

And Be Merry

Relax by encouraging your bridesmaids to tell funny stories of your experiences together. If you’ve doing the Getting Ready photos, make sure you’ve hired a fun photographer to keep it light in your dressing room. Outside sources are often a source of laughter in diffusing stress. Last but not least, keep nerve calming snacks nearby. A bar of dark chocolate. Eat a piece if you start to feel a bit cranky, and rock your wedding day like the shining star you are!


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