When it comes to banishing bridezilla on the most important day of your life, you need to get into the groove of things! Nothing helps you toss stress and fight fatigue like the right wedding dance. Kick your first dance up a notch with these killer ideas inspired by couples who really went the extra mile when it came to choreographing their first dance as the new Mr. & Mrs.

Use your Wedding Dance to Play to Your Strengths

Some couples are entertainers; some couples are great at sitting on the couch and watching t.v. No matter what kind of couple you happen to be, you can spin your strengths into one amazingly adorable first dance filled with laughter and tears if you want. There’s no one holding you back when it comes to your first dance. Why not hire someone to help you choreograph something spectacular? Or if you happen to be a magician, you can do something super swanky like Justin and Jillian did!

Recreate Your Favorite Movie Moment

There will not be one dry eye in the building when you bring your childhood moments to life in your first dance. This bride and groom really took it to the next level when they mimicked the infamous Dirty Dancing dance. The cool thing about this track is: After the “big lift” you can encourage the guests to come to the dance floor and really get the party started.

Have A Killer Dance-Off

One way to banish Bridezilla for the day is to really get your groove on with your new partner in crime. While some brides are doing smash mobs and entertaining guests with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, why not turn your first dance into a dance off. Nothing could be more adorable than this couple fighting over music and which song they should really have played at their wedding!

Surprise Your Loved One With Something Magical

This groom did something magical for his bride. He surprised her with a friend singing their first dance song. While it is Karli Harvey, you don’t have to be famous to make your first dance magical. Your first dance song could be sung by someone who she thought couldn’t make it to the wedding, or a loved one that wasn’t supposed to be there. You could also do a recording of friend that can’t make it to your big day. Just something sentimental and sweet. Something she will cherish and remember always.

Get Your Friends In On The First Dance

Of course, you can also enlist your friends to help throw one amazingly, beautiful surprise for you on your day. Maybe you can’t decide on a first dance song, or you have a special story about your day. Maybe you have something that makes you different as a couple. When your friends do something like this, it will really tug at your guests heart strings:

We Just Wanna Have Fun

When it’s all said and done, the key to a miracle wedding dance is to sincerely just put some tunes on that you enjoy as a couple and have fun. No bridezilla stands a chance when you bust it out with your partner in crime like this couple did on their big day! You don’t have to professionally choreograph your moves or even be all that organized. Your wedding reception is all about having fun! So get on out there and dance.

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