Some couples are really taking it to the next level when it comes to adding those special touches to the big day. Not only can you make your own labels these days, you can DIY your very own blend of grapes for one sincerely special toast. So those of us sentimental wine enthusiasts at Wedding for $1000 decided to hit the internet streets and get the DL on how you can DI-Wine it yourself! photo credit

il_570xN.893672059_mfqrHow to get started making your wedding wine

Here’s the deal: Some state laws and venues are a-holes, so check the individual liquor laws and venue beer/wine licensing before you even start hunting down local shops and brewers. You’ll want to know the in’s and out’s of exactly what you are legally getting into before you start making wine.

Check out U Brew

The best advice we found came straight from brides who ventured into wine making. They all recommend a U Brew store near you. These guys are awesome and take a lot of the time consuming work out of the winemaking process for you! Simply Google U Brew in the city closest to you and something will pop up. If not, email us and we’ll help you out. What? Wine is very important and we want to help you see this thing through.

How do they work?

You buy a kit. Combine the ingredients. Leave it to the wine experts at a U Brew to monitor the temperatures and all that jazz, and your wine is ready in 6 to 8 weeks. So be sure to leave enough time for the fermentation process and bottling before going down this road for your wedding wine.

Are they expensive?

Wine kits vary in price from $145 to $215. One kit usually makes about 28 bottles of wine, which puts your cost between $5 to $8 per bottle.

custom labels for your wedding wineIf you want to provide this wine at the wedding how much should you get?

The average guest will consumer at least two glasses. To be safe three glasses per person. With each bottle roughly pouring four glasses, you can get 112 glasses out a case (28 bottles) of wine. If you have 100 guests you’ll need 3 cases/kits. Otherwise, order one case of white and one case of red. Put a bottle of each on the reception tables and provide a wine key for the guests to open the bottles. If you instruct the caterers to do so, you will end up with every bottle open. Some guests might only open one bottle, and next thing you know you’ve got 10 wasted bottles. Then again, you can always make some delicious sangria with extra bottles.

Design A Label

Lastly, you want your vino to have a customized label right?

Wedding Wine Labels can be found on Evermine for as low as $0.65 a piece, which comes out to be about $16.50 for 25 labels.

Check out Etsy for some killer customized wine labels, for the creative genius that lives in you and never comes out to play.

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