Though the bride is constantly being told that the wedding is her special day (which it is), the groom matters too.  Though some grooms may not be as interested in planning every detail, that doesn’t mean that the groom’s personality should be overlooked on the big day.  Incorporating special elements dedicated to showcasing the groom can personalize the wedding so that way both partners feel equally represented and important on the day of their wedding.



The Flowers



Increasingly, brides are finding ways to personalize their bouquets.  Some are attaching pictures of lost loved ones or other sentimental items to the ribbons that go around their flowers.  The groom, too, can get in on this trend by customizing his boutonnière.  The flower that is on the groom’s lapel might not be of major interest to him, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be paired with something meaningful.  Grooms can also place a small object, like his late grandfather’s favorite cufflinks, on his boutonnière or wrap the stem with pages from his favorite work of literature, song lyrics, or the ticket stub that he kept from the first movie you two ever saw together.  Grooms that want to keep things lighthearted might opt to forgo the flower entirely. Instead, grooms might don their favorite sporting equipment crafted into the shape of a boutonnière or use a small and much-loved action figure in its place.  Plan a date to your local Lego store and build a custom bride and groom that feature both of your personalities.  The boutonnière can be as traditional or as non-traditional as the groom himself.

The Cake



If you’ve ever watched The Cake Boss or looked through the latest bridal magazines, you’ve probably seen some epic grooms’ cakes.  Though the tradition started in the south, couples everywhere are making this custom their own.  These cakes are usually decorated in a way that captures the groom’s passions, like his favorite video game or his favorite sports team.  These cakes can be showstoppers, but they can also be incredibly expensive.  If you are looking to DIY this particular element, consider using cookie cutters to help capture the shapes of what you want to feature. Think that a Doctor Who groom’s cake is exactly what he would wish for?  Order some Doctor Who cookie cutters and together cut out fondant shapes to place all around an otherwise normal cake.  The shapes will still be easy to discern and you will save a ton of money.  Bonus: you and your future spouse will have a great, low-cost date in your kitchen!

The Accessories

The bride isn’t the only one that has accessories!  The groom’s socks could be a great place for personalization in the form of an affordable, adorable wedding gift to prevent him from getting cold feet.  Grooms are also getting more and more creative with their cuff links.  On Etsy, you can find cuff links that celebrate anything from the groom’s love of Game of Thrones to his passion for Pokemon and everything in between. sells cuff links inspired by Portal and even Iron Man.

The tux shouldn’t be the only thing tailored to the groom.  The little details can show off the groom’s individuality in a big way.