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Ever since I first saw them as a young girl, I have loved Disney movies. Really, I loved anything that ended with “And they lived happily ever after!” Secretly, I always wanted to be a princess myself. Okay, that’s not really a secret. Now that I’m engaged to my very own Prince Charming, I have a chance to create my own fairy tale wedding, something like the weddings of the Disney Princesses I loved.

Wedding style is personal. People are having small, quiet backyard weddings. People are renting out entire hotels. People are getting married on boats. They are all beautiful ideas and there is no One-Size-Fits-All for weddings. Personally, I’ve just always known I wanted a Disney Princess style, super-romantic, fairytale wedding. How does one plan a fairy tale wedding without going over the top, though? How can you still incorporate your Prince’s love for video games in something classic, elegant and romantic? How do you keep within your budget when really you’d like to just hire out Disneyland for the day? (Did you know that’s a thing?! Seriously, people get married in Disneyland!)


People will tell you you’re silly. I think I’ve said ‘glitter’ so many times my friends will strangle me if they hear it again. My future mother-in-law has disliked every dress I’ve shown her. In her opinion, they’re too big and puffy. She also thinks tiaras are for little girls, not brides. Don’t let the opinions of others make you feel like a five year old planning a birthday party. Am I that immature? I don’t think I am. Should I be questioning all this? NO! It’s my wedding and I WILL have a huge puffy magical ball gown with a sparkly tiara on my head. In my opinion, they should just be glad I haven’t decided to also hold a magic wand instead of a bouquet. Although a wand isn’t a bad idea…


Look at as many places as you want online, then discuss them all with your future husband. Visit them and ask questions. Most importantly, go with your instincts. I saw an absolutely beautiful venue online, it looked fit for a princess, but anyone can make a pretty website. When we went to visit it, I knew it was the one. It’s beautiful! OMG, the bridal suite. It has a 4 poster bed. Sold! There are bunnies hopping around! BUNNIES!! How Snow White / Sleeping Beauty is that?!
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Yes, I worry he will go sleep on the couch if I ask him again can I pretty please cover the aisle in glitter. But I’m going to be making decisions with him for the rest of my life. It’s OUR day, and I think that kind of gets forgotten about. Everything always seems to be about the bride. What about him?! Isn’t he just as important? Plus, I’m trying very much to reign myself in and not take over the whole day and turn everything pink and sparkly! I actively seek his ideas too. When I found amazing Disney cake toppers, I also found Final Fantasy ones, one of his favorite games. We’re naming the tables after different games and characters. Look for the Mario and Cinderella table! Mix it up. Be different. Just check in to see if your prince has any ideas he wants to incorporate as well.


I would very happily cover the entire wedding venue in white and pink roses, and then sprinkle some glitter over them. I would cover the entire ceiling in fairy lights. However, I’m not entirely sure these things will fit into my budget. I’m not sure if the venue will appreciate me turning everything sparkly. And the venue is amazing. So while I want to at least try and make my childhood dreams of a Disney Princess wedding come true, I have to remember that it’s ok to scale down. Finding the balance between making the perfect day you’ve ever dreamed of and remembering why you’re getting married in the first place is important. At the end of the day, I don’t need a million roses. All I need is my prince and an officiant.

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