It’s not actually a weird trick. You already know that the actual wedding day is going to feel super stressful! All of those effortlessly beautiful details will seem to run together and it will feel like there’s just not time to do everything. Timelines are not set in stone and once one task or activity takes longer than it was estimated to, everything seems to shift – and not always in the best way. Over the years I’ve discovered the key to pulling off a pretty-close-to-perfect wedding day comes down to just one thing: Communication

Communicate with your Wedding Professionals

On your wedding day, it’s critical to make sure everyone is kept in the loop. You should have someone who can coordinate or at least be the point of contact for the wedding vendors.

As each vendor arrives, that person should update them on any changes or adjustments that have been made to the timeline.

When the  photographer arrives, your point of contact should discuss with them where the post-ceremony photos will take place. This lets the bridal party know where to go after the ceremony ends.

Once the photos are over, your bridal party should get the two of you to a space that was previously determined so that you can spent a much-needed ten minutes together to let things sink in and just enjoy each other.

Whoever is acting as your coordinator or point-of-contact should then relay word to the catering manager or head server as to the status of the timeline and when the newlyweds are expected to make their announced entrance.

It seems super easy, but timing really is everything when you’re trying to keep a wedding day timeline rolling along smoothly. Don’t, under any circumstances, try to be your own point of contact or coordinator. It will drive you mad on what should be the happiest day of your life!

Tips #32 and 33 are pretty easy, too.  Have a plan and Stay Calm – You’re getting married!

Keep calm and get married -

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