Sometimes you are so busy planning what colors the bridesmaids are wearing, what you’re serving at the reception, and ordering gifts for the groomsmen–that you simply forget to figure out how to roll with the wedding ceremony itself. Check out our handy guide on all things awesome when it comes to really planning out how to say “I do”.

Take Charge of Your Wedding Ceremony

If there’s anything I know about a wedding ceremony is that it is the most intimate, private moment you will share with like a hundred people. You have to make it yours. No matter what your faith, denomination, absence thereof, or what anyone thinks you should do. This should be an intimate exchange between your and your partner. So make it yours. If you feel like you need a gospel choir singing ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou’, then get yourself a chorus and do not let anyone say otherwise.

Decide What Is Important As A Couple

Sit down and discuss what is of the utmost of importance to you as a couple. Are you both religious? Do you have a favorite bible verse? Or a relative or loved one you’d like to honor? A favorite poem? A quote or piece of literature that means something to both of you? These are the kind of things you want to discuss, because they can add a lot sentiment to your ceremony.

Touch on vows. Are you planning a traditional wedding ceremony? Or are you writing your own vows?

Talk To Your Officiant

plan your wedding ceremony - talk to your wedding officiant.

This is where the officiant comes into play. Once you decide on the ceremony style, you should talk to your officiant about the different kinds of passages he can read. The actual style of vows, the final words, and so on. You may want to choose to opt out of the ‘if anyone has any reason this couple shouldn’t marry bit’ or you may want something more modern with no religious affiliation whatsoever. As a couple you and your officiant will create a ceremony plan that may look like this:

  • Father walks bride down the aisle. Ceremony Script
  • Good afternoon. Father-of-the-bride, who gives this woman to this man? (Her father and family), and so on.
  • Poem
  • The Vows
  • Love Letter Ceremony or Love Song (Here you can read one another love letters or possibly have your gospel choir raise the roof).
  • Final Words from The Officiant
  • Boom–You may kiss the bride!

Be sure to talk about an exit strategy for your bridal party.

Write Out A Mini-Ceremony Program For The Rehearsal

Task the most efficient person in your bridal party with helping you write out a killer little program, so you don’t forget what needs to happen. Don’t be afraid to hand out a copy before the rehearsal, so everyone is on the same page. I’ve been in weddings where I didn’t even know who was walking with me from the groom’s side until 15 minutes before the ceremony. Don’t be that couple. Be the super-awesome, amazingly organized couple who is gonna rock their big day in fabulous style!

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