The following video was posted online recently, when something incredibly awkward happened during a wedding ceremony. I can’t even imagine this happening to me!

The expression on the groom’s face is most visible immediately. You can see that he thought it was a practical joke. That the situation couldn’t possibly be actually happening. As the video continues and the situation gets worse, you can see the bride’s shock grow.

This is absolutely an important day. It’s the day where the bride and groom are entering – before God – into the covenant of marriage. But it’s also the day where they commit to each other. It’s a day they have spent months planning for, thousands of dollars spent on, family and friends invited to be a part of. And one simple question (not even one of the real awkward questions!) did not get – apparently – asked of the officiant.

“Do you mind if we have videographers taping the ceremony?”

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Because if it does matter to the officiant, then as the couple getting married, it matters to you. At that time, you need to decide if you’re going to continue with that officiant and deal with not having a video memory of the Big Day or if you’re going to go with another person to perform the ceremony.

But if you don’t ask, then you might find yourself in this truly awful situation.

What other questions do you think should be asked but are often overlooked?

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