Wedding planning on a budget is already hard enough without the extra costs that you don’t even know about.  Many weddings end up at least a little over budget because they forget these ten things. Check out the list and make sure you account for them when budgeting out your wedding plans.

10. Wedding Insurance

No one wants to believe that anything bad could happen on their big day, but the fact remains that 1 in 30 weddings has some kind of catastrophe.  It could be a sudden downpour that unexpectedly moves the party inside, or your photographer canceling last minute because of a family emergency. It’s a good idea to protect yourself from the unforeseen.

9. Marriage License

While we’re speaking of insurance and important papers, the marriage license fee differs from state to state in the US and varies wildly across the world by country. Find out what it costs ahead of time and plan accordingly.

8. Wedding Dress Alterations

Unless you are blessed with an off-the-rack-perfect figure (and height), you are likely to need to have your wedding dress altered to fit you. If you plan to lose a lot of weight before the wedding, you could find yourself with significant alterations and they can be pretty costly. The bridal salon from which you purchased your dress should offer alterations, but check other options as well.  Pro tip: Don’t attempt to alter your dress yourself!

7. Religious Ceremony Venue Fee

Maybe you’re getting married in the church you grew up attending, but just because they saw you grow up within the flock doesn’t mean you get the space for free.  It doesn’t hurt to ask, but expect there to be a suggested donation that can run into the hundreds of dollars.

BHLDN Weddings6. Vendor Tips

Your catering fee is already higher than you expected, and you’re still expected to tip!? Yes, unless the gratuity for the servers was included in the contract, then it’s on top of the cost of providing the catering. A service fee doesn’t count, usually, so double check with your caterer before making an assumption!

5. Vendor meals

Your photographer counts as a person at the reception, too. Your DJ is working up a sweat keeping your guests moving. If you’ve got someone working hard for a long day to make sure you look good in your wedding photos and make sure your guests are having a great time, the least you can do is make sure there’s enough food for them! Make sure your catering agreement covers those hard working vendors, too.

4. Invitation Postage

The postage can really add up because for every invitation you send, you need at least two stamps.  One has to go on the RSVP envelope, and one on the invitation itself. And make sure you know exactly how much your invitations weigh!  Don’t be surprised when you get to the Post Office to find that they have to be hand-sorted (it costs extra).

3. Officiant’s Fee

This is more often forgotten than you might realize.  These celebrants have to survive, too!  There’s a fee for their time, but they also have the responsibility – in most locations – of accurately processing your marriage certificate with the proper governing authority. Even a simple Justice of the Peace runs about $100. Don’t forget to ask if there is required marriage counseling – that might factor into the cost.

2. Last Minute Accessories

You forgot to get a guest book?  And a pen to go with it? (Don’t buy that pen, you can probably find way better!) Someone forgot the lighter for the unity candles?  All these little last minute expenses will add up, so it’s important to budget for these, which leads me to…

1. Unforeseen Expenses

Even we can’t tell you what might come up that escapes this list. It’s a really good idea to have some cash on hand for emergencies, or a non-maxed out credit card.  You really never know what might happen.  Which brings us back to number 10: Wedding Insurance…

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