There’s so many things to remember to plan for your wedding and – if you’re on a budget – so few funds! This is an idea seen on pinterest, but we’ve found some WAY lower prices if you DIY most of it!  Here’s the original:
Those frames are probably spendy, since they’re the black artist type frames, and they’re only one sided! What about using a double sided photo frame to adhere the table numbers to, and have an image of each of  you on one side? This Ikea Tolsby frame swivels, and is only $5.88 on Amazon.

There’s an even less expensive option to go with, which is a clear acrylic bent frame that you could have laying horizontally, with pictures in both sides.  These are only $2 each on amazon, and you get free shipping if you order at least 13 of them! Decorate each one with scrapbook papers and other decorative elements that match your wedding theme, and you could have inexpensive centerpieces that highlight both of your lives and allow each sides’ family to get to know the other.

If you like the swivel frame, and don’t mind getting the spray paint out, here’s an even better deal! TEN of the Ikea frames like the white one above, but in various colors.  Start with a coat of spray primer, then cover with paint in your wedding colors.

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