custom stamp
Sometimes, Time IS Money, or so the saying goes. And when it comes to having an overwhelming amount of wedding invitation envelopes to address, time can seem to stretch on forever. While you’ve got a large amount of invitations to address, you’ll also end up sending out lots of thank you cards to your wedding guests!

What I ended up doing to save time when sending out thank you cards was buying a custom self-inking stamp.  I actually wish I had saved myself even more money, because I didn’t think to check Etsy for it when I was getting married and I paid nearly twice as much as some of the stamps I see now! It looks like they range between $20 (for a basic, un-mounted stamp with no ink) and $40 (self-inking, lasts forever). Paper Source (image to the right) is where I got mine, and I still love using it.

Since the wedding thank you notes, I’ve used it for Christmas cards, birthday cards and more thank you cards than I can count! It definitely has been one of my favorite things – especially since we have such a complicated and long address.

Below are a few examples of stamps on Etsy (click on them to go to the vendor) that I thought were pretty, but definitely explore and find ones you like!

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