This is a quick and easy DIY project that can help you out when you either don’t have the budget for floral centerpieces or just want something a little different. Glittering candlesticks and vases set a glamorous mood for your wedding reception tables, and are super easy to make!

You’ll need:

  • Glass Candlesticks (or vases!) – as many as you want to use based on the look you’re going for. Check out thrift stores for cheap deals on interesting shapes and sizes, but the dollar store also has a pretty good selection.  You could also try using some wooden candlesticks (found at Michael’s for $3.49) and spray painting them before glittering!
  • Spray Adhesive – Aleenes does not eff around, y’all.  This stuff stayed PUT.
  • Spray Paint in your favorite metallic color.
  • Glitter in your favorite color.
  • Clear spray paint (Krylon is my favorite so far, but share if you find a product you love!)
  • Newspaper and disposable gloves (I tried to find a link on amazon, but they’re all for boxes of like, a million, so nevermind).

You’ll want to spread the newspaper out to cover the floor where you’ll be working.  I did this in the garage, and still ended up with glitter everywhere, so just be careful.

If you’re using vases, spray the inside of them with a thin coat of the spray paint. If you’re using candlesticks, go over them once with a light coat of spray paint. Let this dry.  If there are any streaks, go over them again with a light coat.  When that is dry – and it should dry pretty fast, since it’s a thin coat – you can start with the spray adhesive.

Wearing gloves, hold the vase or candlestick you’re working with and spray the adhesive around the outside, but only on one piece at a time. Holding the piece over a tub to collect falling glitter, you’ll want to hand sprinkle glitter onto the spray adhesive.  Set the piece aside to dry while you work on the next one.  I tried to shake the piece with the spray adhesive on it in the tub full of glitter, and guess what?  It didn’t work. At least now I know, right?

You can always go back over the vase or candlestick with another coat of spray adhesive and glitter once the first coat is dry.

I ended up making about 30 glittering candlesticks and 8 glittering vases to work as centerpieces, but somehow my photographer didn’t get many pictures of my hard work.  I’m not too worried about it, though, because I still have them!

The total project time was about an hour, and the materials cost me about $50 in total, and I ended up with enough centerpieces for 8 large round tables and 10 cocktail tables, which was perfect and gorgeous!

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