Table decorations are considered the most important element of decoration at a reception dinner, yet centerpieces are one of the first things to go when planning a budget wedding. It makes sense to cut out elaborate table decorations when the average cost for professionally designed centerpieces is roughly $985. However, it’s easy to cut the cost while simultaneously customizing your decor by creating your own painted glass centerpieces!

For this project you’ll need:

  • An array of clean, dry, wide-mouth glass jars (mason jars, pickle jars, etc.)
  • Latex paint (Look for sample jars in your colors, or have them mix it)
  • Cardboard or similar to dry the jars on

What you’ll do:

  • Pour a generous amount of paint into your jar
  • Swirl it around to evenly coat the inside
  • Pour the excess paint back into the paint container. This step may take some patience! It will drip out slowly toward the end, but it’s worth it. The more paint you remove at this step, the easier it will be to dry your jars!
  • Set your jars upside down on the cardboard and let the excess drip out
  • Move containers every 15 minutes or so, so they won’t stick to the cardboard
  • After 2-3 hours, turn them over and let them air dry

Depending on how many jars you use, this project can cost as little as $30. It’s cost effective to source the jars from your own fridge, as well as enlist the help of friends and coworkers to set aside their used jars. If you’re in a rush, check out thrift stores! There is always an abundance of glassware that will certainly fit the bill.

The finished product is an eclectic mix of beautiful, custom jars fit for display! If you plan on using real flowers, be sure to put a paper cup filled with water into each jar to prevent the paint from coming off. These are also a beautiful way to display paper flowers, or branches.

There you have it! Beautiful, wedding-worthy centerpieces that won’t break the bank. Happy painting!

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