Plain, and simple are not the words most people start with when trying to plan a wedding. Then again, not many people start the wedding planning process by saying “I want a huge, lavish affair that costs every pence I’ve got”. It’s hard enough to plan a wedding without sticking labels on it from the start. It’s even more difficult to plan a wedding in the UK because no matter what label you stick on, the label often seems to have twice the price as anywhere else in the world.

To keep your planning on a budget and still feel like you get to enjoy a special wedding day is a tightrope walk. There’s some sacrifices to be made, but it can totally be done!

First, you need to decide what your wedding is meant to be about. There’s no budget checklist item for ‘showing off’, so pare it down to the essentials. We’ve got a great Wedding Budget Checklist that can quickly and easily help you figure out exactly what to focus spending on, and exactly what you can forget out about completely.

Second, once you’ve determined what elements of wedding are right for you, a great idea is to take some time looking at ideas.  It may sound counter-productive to suggest you wander off on Pinterest for several hours, but I learned something valuable when planning my wedding that I want to share: Have an idea of the overall aesthetic you’re going for before you start making purchases.  You may have several items that you really love, but you don’t want to find out on your wedding day that they uncomfortably clash.  So, get some strong ideas for what your vision is. Create a mood or inspiration board on Pinterest.

Third, it’s time to do the real work! Research! You thought shopping might be the hard part?  Hardly! Spending money is easy. Spending it well is very tricky. How do you find all of your wedding details for the best price? Traipsing from shop to shop to compare prices is time consuming and over-stimulating in distracting ways. A much easier way is to find a site that can help you find exactly what you need, where you need it. By looking at the shops available in any particular area, you can check out the websites for dresses or find vendors for any wedding supplies you need. Rather than haphazardly crisscrossing the streets of London, you can create and execute a plan of attack.

Finally, with that plan in hand, you can head out to accomplish your mission: Your Wedding on Your Budget.

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