by Emily Rochotte

It’s coming soon, you’re only a mere month or so away from your dream wedding! You’d love to be basking in the last few weeks of happy, engaged bliss, but instead you’re focused on the fact that you don’t think you’ve ever been more stressed in your entire life.  You still need to finalize your RSVP list, confirm with your vendors, apply for your marriage license and so much more to finish planning your fairytale, all while still living out your everyday, regular life (one can only get so much sneaky wedding planning done while working at the office).

We’ve got some suggestions for how to relax and regroup while planning your wedding. With all that needs to be done, you’ll be glad you took some time to destress!

Five Ways To Reduce Stress

Go on a date

go on a date -


Take a break and go out on a date with your spouse-to-be. With all the hubbub of planning take time to reconnect with one another and remind yourself of the real reason for this wedding – the start of your future as a married couple. Just be sure to talk about anything that isn’t your wedding!

Hang with your friends

hang out with your friends -


Plan a friend day. Gather your friends together for a fun day of shopping, eating out, and pampering. This is a great way to remind your friends you love them, since friends always worry that once you’re married, they’ll never see you again without your honey at your side.

Get it in writing

reduce stress -


List everything you need to get done. This will take the pressure off of having to keep a mental list running through your head and making sure you remember everything. Prioritize your tasks. Don’t misuse time assembling your favors, when you haven’t even finalized your guest list yet. It’s important to check off your to-do list in chronological order so you aren’t scrambling to finish everything.

Ask for help

ask for help -


Ask for help (it’s okay, we promise). Choose a task and assign it to someone, especially someone who may have offered you help along the way, even if you may have been reluctant to take them up on their offer. Chances are, they’ll say they’re happy to do more in addition to what you’ve asked (as long as you don’t pile your whole to-do list on them).

Spend some time alone

me time to reduce stress -

Have some me-time. Spend time alone doing whatever it is you like to do to destress. Go see the latest box office hit, treat yourself to a massage, or go for a walk. Yes spending time planning your future with the love of your life is great, but it’s important to always take some time to yourself.

No matter what happens, remember – your wedding is about you and your best friend committing your lives and undying love to one another. It’s not about the type of flowers you’re having delivered, what favors you’re giving out, or any other minor detail. It’s about the two of you and the marriage you are about to start. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

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