You wait your whole life to get married, so at the end of the day, you want to leave your wedding with flair. This much anticipated moment should never be dull or boring. Making a memorable exit is as important as making a memorable entry.

A popular choice for many couples is to provide their guests with blowing bubbles. These are a cheap and easy way for your guests to see you off, and you can usually get bubbles in your wedding color, or even bubbles that glow in the dark if your send-off line takes place after sunset.

If you and your partner have always wanted to live the glamorous celebrity life, plan your wedding send-off line to resemble a Red Carpet Hollywood event. Rent an outdoor carpet leading from the exit of your venue to the door of your car and arm each of your guests with disposable cameras. Encourage them to snap photos of you as you make your grand exit. In addition to being a fun wedding send- off it will also provide you with unique photos to remember it by.

Another choice for your wedding send-off line is having your guests release balloons to mark the conclusion of your big day. You have so many options with this choice, including ordering personalized balloons with your names and wedding date or a quote that is particularly meaningful to you. For a more interactive experience, you can use plain white balloons and have your guests write a personal message on their balloon before releasing it.

When you are planning a winter wedding, consider having your guests toss confetti made to look like artificial snow. This is a great way to add the element of seasonal weather to your wedding if you are getting married in a state with a warm climate.


One increasingly popular way your guests can help you make a memorable exit is to line up for your send-off with wedding sparklers. Ideally, you’ll want to choose 20 or 36-inch sparklers because this is a safe length for your guests to use without major fear of burning themselves or someone else. You also want to make sure you buy genuine wedding sparklers and not the cheaper versions that are sold around the 4th of July because they will fall apart and possibly injure your guests.

For a wedding that takes place during football season, consider a send-off line where each guest is armed with a pair of pom-poms, preferably in your wedding colors or the official colors of your favorite sports teams.

To give your wedding send-off line a festive sound, consider using miniature versions of instruments such as maracas and tambourines. This works especially well if you want to include upbeat music in your wedding day plans.

The child inside you may love the idea of having your guests’ line up to send you off by launching paper airplanes. Not only are they cheap and easy to create, but your guests can leave you a short personal note hidden in each airplane, which you can choose to read before you leave for your honeymoon or after you return.

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