Your wedding isn’t for another three months, gifts have started piling up in the corner, and you’re wondering if you can open them. Hello, we are not in Downton Abbey. The days of  “proper wedding etiquette”, “courting” and those “snobby rules” of getting married are o.v.e.r. One of the most ridiculous of those age old traditions is whether or not to open a wedding gift you get before the wedding. Next, is how and when you should send a “thank you” note. Yes, you have to send “thank you” notes. Check out my trendy ways below on how the modern bride and groom should roll.

wedding gifts say thank you

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You just got a gift to celebrate your upcoming wedding. The most important day of your life thus far. Get excited!

wedding gifts from friends

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Hello! It may not be proper etiquette to open them before the wedding, but it’s always a good idea to check to see if anything is broken. If you receive dishes, for instance, two months before the wedding, but don’t know that one is broken until after the wedding, it will be up to you to replace them. So open those bad boys up and get excited!

You really should open your dang wedding presents when you get them. For starters, have you seen those people in videos posted on facebook stealing stuff off your neighbor’s porches when they’re at work? I know. It’s sad, but it happens. Plus, your loved one or friend sent it because they want to put a smile on your face. So go on and see what you got for getting hitched.

The Art of The “Thank You Note”

wedding gifts before the big day

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Once you open all the fiesta ware, silver chafing dishes and salad tongs you can stomach–send your flippin’ thank you notes out. It is not cool to make people wait a year. You don’t really have that long, no matter what Martha Stewart says. Whoever said that is a slacker. Or opened their gifts after the honeymoon. *wink, wink

Today’s modern couple has about three months to get the cute ‘thank yous’ completed, and be sure to be super personable in the note. Thank the guest for the little cow that pours cream into your coffee. Not because it’s awesome and was on your registry, but because they loved you so much they wanted to see you smile.

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