by Brittany McComas

In the age of the modern bride, the modern couple, the modern wedding–some women still question why it’s so important for the woman to take the man’s name. It should be totally okay for the guys to ‘take it like a man’ and take on her last name. photo credit

I’m all for gender equality, feminism, and all that jazz–but are men doing this for the right reasons? And what will people think if you’re “that” couple? And how do you handle the mean people who might treat you like a freakin’ leper? Hold onto your modern hats, Wedding for $1000 has got your back.

What Women Want

The whole modern vibe is leaning in the direction of “what women want” and give equal opportunity to “what you both want”. If you don’t want to take your husband’s last name and you’ve got a legit, passionate, heart felt reason for it–tell him. Have the talk. Be reasonable. Be open to what his ideas and thoughts are, and don’t put any pressure on either of you by making demands. Approach the name game with a bottle of wine and an intimate game of strip poker. Make it fun. You’re the modern couple. You got this.

The Manly Reason

Men have their own reasons for taking the plunge and going with their bride’s last name. Men can be just as embarrassed about their last name as you might be. He might actually think your last name is badass. Men are meshing names too and getting down with hyphenated last names for one super-cool name that will make you one killer power couple. Oh, and he might even be into a man-gagement ring.  Yep. A male engagement ring. Because he’s just as proud of you as you are him.

How To Handle The Haters

My honest advice for anyone that has to deal with anyone having negative feelings toward something you do, say or are planning on doing–throw up the comedy. Sit down with your modern man and make up crazy, off the wall, sweet answers to every possible thing someone could say to you. Everyone will have an opinion. Hopefully it will be a positive one, but on the off chance that it’s something not so nice just hand them a back handed snarky comeback and walk away like the boss you are. After all, you’re so darn awesome he’s taking your last name.

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