Wedding are some super-expensive events and the exact reason our Editor-in-Chief, Maigen Thomas, had a passion to start Weddings For $1000. She wanted to create a killer, no b.s. resource for brides to be able to throw the wedding of a lifetime without becoming homeless or breaking the bank. Not too long ago, I read the story of a wedding planner who donated her services once a year to brides who found themselves in unfortunate situations and not able to pay for their wedding. Maybe you need to some extra cash? Below are some great ways to help you still have the wedding of a lifetime if you just don’t have the budget, and need a little help from some new found friends. Photo credit


BrideAccess offers a sweet scholarship for couples who just need a helping hand. BrideAccess gives you $500 while a special vendor donates $500 in services! All you need to do is fill out their short register form with ceremony, rehearsal dinner and reception information–and hope you are chosen as the winner for some cold hard wedding cash and amazing vendor services!

Personal Giveaways

Wish Upon A Wedding is one of my personal favorite services because they help those in serious wedding need. According to Wish Upon A Wedding, “If you or a loved one has a medical illness or life-altering circumstance that has impeded your road to the altar, Wish Upon a Wedding may be able to help.” Just be sure to check if your circumstances are within their guidelines. They have both classic wishes and urgent wishes, as well as opportunities for you to donate to another bride in need–or even donate things like your dress once your vows are complete.


Being someone who has crowdfunded before for a film project, I can’t say enough good things about this kind of way to raise wedding funds. People may judge you, but just be as honest as possible for the reason you’d like a little help. Maybe ask people to help you throw the wedding of a lifetime instead of gifts because you treasure their happiness just as much as theirs! Of all the websites I researched, Go Fund Me has the quickest turnaround for funds and takes the least in fees. Just consider the fees when you establish your budget. You can even make rewards like a kiss from the bride in a kissing booth for a $100 donation or a sweet wedding video, and so on.

Just keep in mind, that you are planning your dream wedding. Ignore people who say negative things, there will likely be one or two. They’re probably just mad they didn’t think of your swanky budget friendly ideas! *wink, wink.

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