Practically everything that happens on your wedding day has a lot of meaning attached to it – I mean, it’s a pretty meaningful day, right? Most of the rituals are based on different traditions. From the bouquet to the best man’s speech, from the wedding dress to the cutting of the cake, each has a story behind it. These days, many people find that they want to break with convention and set their own rules, but there are still a lot of brides who like to stick to at least a few. Some traditional aspects of a wedding are meaningful in different ways to different people. At Wedding for $1000, we tend to encourage you to go your own way when it comes to your big day.  There are few days as special as this occasion of you and your betrothed tying the knot! Here are some interesting traditions surrounding the wedding day – specifically, the wedding jewelry.

Engagement Ring

wedding traditions that might surprise you --


Okay, this might not be that surprising. It has only been because DeBeers first launched their heavy marketing campaign that the favored choice for an engagement ring is a diamond solitaire. But in the 2000’s, if you’re not a stickler for tradition, you can choose whatever style of ring you desire. You’re the one who is going to be wearing it, hopefully for the rest of your life!  It makes sense to go for a design and gem that you really love. If that’s not a traditional diamond, so what? Other people’s opinions don’t matter; they don’t have to wear it! There are tons of gorgeous ideas to be found – find what works for you.

Bridesmaids Jewelry



It is tradition to give each of her bridesmaids a piece of jewelry as a thank you gift for their friendship and help on your big day. What a special token of friendship and love! You don’t have to stick to off the rack designs if you want everything on your big day to be as unique as you are. Bespoke designers such as DeSumma and Wexler Fine Jewelry make custom pieces that many brides prefer. Bear in mind your budget, though, if you haven’t accounted for these gifts, you can find reasonably priced pieces online. Check out Etsy for some great ideas for unique designs as well. 

Pearl Earrings



Classy and elegant, pearl earrings have been a favorite of brides for a long, long time. Tradition states that the wife-to-be should be given pearl earrings by her father or the father of the groom. Pearls represent innocence, perfection, and purity. Believe it or not, the ancient griefs were of the belief that the precious stones would help prevent the newlywed woman crying on her big day. They’re also meant to ensure a long and happy union according to old-fashioned folklore.

The Wedding Ring

wedding jewelry traditions - the wedding ring


This is probably the most important item of jewelry on this list! These days, a lot of couples exchange rings, but in times gone by only the bride would be fortunate enough to receive a ring. It was only in the early 20th century that wearing a wedding band became fashionable for men. Like many things in the modern day, it was heavily influenced by a marketing campaign by an American jewelry company (we may have mentioned that before).

What are your favorite wedding day traditions? Were you an old fashioned bride, or where your nuptials up to the minute? Do you think traditions can make or break a union?  Leave your marriage stories in the box below!

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